Myriad colors, designs and wordings of scroll invitations

Wedding is one of the most important and a grand occasion in one’s life. It is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm in all religions. The difference only lies in the way it is carried out. Each religion has its own way of conducting the various ceremonies; the difference can also be seen in the wedding invites and one can easily make out to which religion the invite belongs to. We can see many internet resources offering scroll invitations according to different religions. There are certain codes and patterns that are followed by the members of a community and they adhere to these while performing the wedding too.

Muslim wedding scroll invitations: The color of invites is generally green or golden. Green color is considered auspicious and so it is generally chosen for the invites also unlike the Hindu community their cards do not have any picture of god and goddesses. The holy verses of Quran are generally inscribed in the card. Urdu is the language spoken by this community and the cards are written in Urdu and if not in Urdu than they are in English. The cards are simple without much show and all the festivities are marked in it. The font is stylized in their invites.

Muslim wedding scroll invitations

Hindu Wedding Invites: The wedding invitation of Hindus are very diverse as they range from simple traditional to the most modern invites. Their invitations are generally Golden, Pink, red, orange in color and always have the picture of Gods and Goddesses over them. The card like Muslim cards contains the hymns and all the details of various ceremonies. The language is cordial and also comprises of verses and poetic lines sometimes written by the family members and sometimes taken from some books. The font is generally simple.

Sikh Wedding Invites: Their invites are also like Hindu invites in bright colors and have the names of gods and goddesses carved over it. The cards can be simple or pompous depending on the choice of the family. The language is generally Punjabi but certain families like them to be in English. Their invites also do not have pictures of gods and goddesses over them and they also write in stylized font.

Sikh Wedding Invites

There are certain families who do not mind getting diverse cards as their wedding invites. Some like to keep them simple and others want them to be splendid. Theme based wedding cards are also common these days and these are not restricted to any religion. Anyone can opt for these cards if they fit the wedding theme. The concept of wedding invites is as old as the concept of wedding itself. The invites are the face value of any event and so they are carefully selected. A wide variety of wedding invites is available in the market these days and it is solely the choice of the family that they want to go for traditional or modern type of wedding invites. The invitation cards are the most important source which delivers the information to the guests.

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