Popularity and Practicality of Wooden Scroll Invitations

In recent years, the popularity and practicality of wooden scroll invitations have attained newer heights. This can be attributed to the fact that a growing number of Indians are realizing it is of the most cost-effective ways to invite a guest. Moreover, these wooden scroll invitations are highly customizable.

Scroll Invitations

This means that the prospective bride and groom can design it as per their preference. Moreover, India would always be an exception to this trend as many traditional Indians still believe that a scroll request is one of the best ways to arrange the wedding occasion in an auspicious manner.

A Brief Overview on the Wooden Scroll Invitations:

It is kind of interesting to note that the origin of these Scroll Party Invitations has been traced back to the medieval periods of the Indian society. Those days the invitation to the guests had been termed essential as guests were compared to Gods. On the other hand, they were also sent by the kings. These wooden scroll invitations are quite prominently used by the royal family and the nobles.

Scroll Party Invitations

The usage of these invitation cards among the ordinary people was not that popular. But with changing times, as class equalities slowly faded away, these wooden scroll invitations found a prominent place in the wedding events of many societies. Fabric Scroll Wedding Invitations echoes the same retro look and class. Hence, it is quite evident that these scroll invitation cards project the age old traditional print and style.

Some Prominent Features of these Wooden Scroll Invitations:

In many Indian weddings, wooden scroll invitations have played their role to perfection. It is so because one can greatly impress the guests with these types of traditional invitation ideas. The more you impress your guests, more are the chances that your marriage would be remembered for a considerable period. Wooden scroll invitation cards also have a larger variety. For instance, the contemporary wooden scroll message is used for the style statement.

Hence, if you want to make your wedding occasion attractive, opt for wooden scroll invitations. You can also check a wide variety of them in the online stores.

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The Best Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas You Must Consider

Choosing a great wedding invitation card is a crucial aspect of any wedding. Each and every person under the Sun wants to send out to the people their heartfelt and warm words which convey that they eagerly look forward to the latter’s presence on the formers’ wedding day. The wedding invitations that the people want to create are unique but finding one ideal for the wedding is an extremely difficult task to accomplish. The scroll wedding cards must be ideal enough to reflect the style of the couple. But if you, as one of the counterparts of a celebrated couple of the wedding, lack that exact creativity, then do not fret, you have arrived at the right place.

Scroll Cards

This article will cover some of the best wedding card ideas that will be able to tell your story in an elegant way.

•  You can take a picture of both of you and then create the card out of it. The pictures can depict the stories of how you both met and spent so many years to finally deciding up to tying the knot of marital bliss.

•  For the couples who are ardent lovers of music, you both can choose a design which can musically reflect the musical taste of both of you. In fact, this can also help the guests and the relatives to choose the best wedding gift for you and your would-be life partner.

Theme Invitations

•  For the literature loving couples, you can make use of romantic poems which will carry the message of the special event for the days. The poems can also convey to the guests about the love story between the two love birds. In this case, it is extremely important for the people to get hold of good writers who will be able to write beautiful, harmonious lines for you.

•  In each and every household, there is at least one person who loves to cook for people they know. For those gastronomic enthusiasts, there are theme wedding invitations which can be written in the format of cookbooks. The recipe? Well, you can always churn the recipe of love inside the text and then add the details of the D-day.

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Why Are Scroll Invitations Becoming Popular in Wedding Ceremonies?

If you want to make your wedding a memorable one, you can take the help of scroll invitations to make your wedding unique. With the support of this unique form of wedding invitation, it can be guaranteed that you can make your wedding a fantastic one. It is kind of an interesting idea to adapt in the days of email and internet invitations. Scroll invitations are able to sustain the popularity of e-invitations as they give the invitation card a touch of magnificence and royalty. On the other hand, marriage and wedding ceremonies are occasions that come once in a lifetime. So it is advisable that you opt for scroll wedding invitations that have the ability to increase the popularity of your wedding.

Scroll Invitations
The Recent Popularity of Scroll Invitations:

It is worthwhile to note that over the past few years with the help of the internet and modern technology, a variety of unique wedding invitation cards can be made. However, they cannot match the royalty and magnificence provided by scrolls. They are unique in this marketplace, and many people have not implemented them in their wedding ideas. However, they are quite popular among a majority of the population. The scroll invitations can be made of a variety of materials that are extremely durable.

Besides that, the scroll invitations can be designed in several ways that truly makes the wedding ceremony unique. Moreover, one can be assured of the fact that their guests would be highly pleased by getting this type of wedding invitation as it would be specific to them. It looks unique and hence increases your wedding popularity among guests.

Scroll Invitations Its Future Scope:

The future of the scroll request looks bright as they are unique in their approach. On the other hand, you can be guaranteed that your guests would be highly pleased while opening these scroll invitations. Also, there are certain wedding ceremonies in which there are various types of events. Hence, by using a scroll for inviting your guests, you would be making sure that you do not run short of space while mentioning the events. A scroll invitation is a traditional form of invitation in theme based weddings.


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A Look at Essential Of Black & White Themed Wedding

Weddings are full of life and colours that excite and enchant everyone. It’s the sheer brilliance of colours that infuses life into a wedding. So, if we were to take those colours out, the whole affair would become lifeless and dull. Well, it won’t because there are two shades in nature that can pair up and still make things interesting: black and white. Black and white go hand in hand and count for some of the most striking colour combinations.

White symbolizes peace, calmness, and purity while black signifies darkness. When the two are combined, there is an explosion of ideas and concepts that might cross your mind. So, how about a wedding based on these two opposite colours? A black and white themed wedding can turn out to be the most unique experience of your life and the most enthralling one for your guests. Right from the wedding dress to fabric scroll wedding invitations to wedding décor, everything can be soaked in the pure beauty of these colours.

Fabric scroll wedding invitations
Wedding Decor:

You can hang curtains of alternating black and white colours from the ceiling or wrap them around pillars around the venue. The overhanging curtains will create an amazing visual appeal that will catch the attention of everyone. Decorate the space with black and white balloons and strings. The stage can be decorated with flowers in the same combination. Go for a pair of black and white coloured chairs for the bride and the groom.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot:

Hire a professional photographer to conduct a nice pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s a great activity to engage with your other half and capture those memories just before you tie the knot. Ask the photographer to process your photos in black and white tone to stick to your theme. Black and white photos possess an unmatched charm which sometimes even the coloured ones cannot exude.

Wedding Dress:

The groom can go for a black tuxedo or suit and the bride can look pretty in a pure white gown. However, if you want to go the traditional way, an exquisite ‘sherwani’ in black will draw the attention of everyone towards the groom. While a white ‘Lehenga’ accented with black borders for the bride will engulf her in eternal beauty.

Wedding Invitation Card:

Design your unique wedding invitations in such a way that it conveys your theme to the guests at first glance. You can go for simple and subtle design by having a pure white background and written matter in black with the silhouette of the bride and the groom occupying the center. Or you can add more glamour to the design by including floral patterns, bow tie knots or a black and white picture of yours from the pre-wedding photo collection. A satin bow tie knot holding the card can make it even more luxurious.

unique wedding invitationsWedding Cake:

This has to be one of the most iconic messengers of your theme. Go for a multi-tiered classic black forest cake that will not only capture the theme but also delight the guests by its looks and later with its taste.

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A Look at Some Fascinating Marriage Superstitions

Weddings are the beautiful blend of rituals, customs, and belief that are followed from ages. Every faith has its own belief and superstitions. All these makes wedding unique and fun. Here, we bring to you some of the superstation followed worldwide.

  • Most of the people break things in a fit of rage but can you imagine it is a famous Italian wedding custom. It is believed that if the newlyweds break glass objects on the wedding day then they will have a lasting marriage. Don’t you think, it is better to break some glasses for an everlasting love filled the married life.
  • According to Old English belief, the unluckiest day to get into wedlock is Saturday. It might come as a surprise to many of you as Saturday is considered as the ideal day to get into wedlock because it is a weekend and guests finds it comfortable to be present.
  • Romans and Greeks believe veil of the bride protects her from evil eyes during the wedding ceremony. Now if you have got a wedding invitation cards for a Christian wedding then you know the reason why the bride is wearing a veil.

wedding invitation card

  • Here comes one of the surprising and creepiest wedding beliefs, finding a spider on your wedding trousseau is a good sign. It brings happiness and prosperity. If you see a spider on your wedding attire, don’t scream; remember it is a sign of good luck.
  • Here comes a painful tradition, in Egyptian wedding ceremony, the ladies pinch the bride just before the wedding. If you are going to be a bride then you can feel the pain – Ouch!
  • The bride should avoid crossing the path of nuns, saints, monks or any religious figure because it will bring infertility and sorrows in life. Well, pretty hard to believe? But people do believe it in various part of the world.
  • The people of England consider Wednesday as the auspicious day to get into wedlock. They believe tying knot on the day will bring bliss in life.
  • How will you feel if there is a probability of rain on your wedding day or the weather is overcast? Most of you would pray it should not rain because it may spoil all your plans but do you know Hindus see rain on the wedding day as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Fascinating Marriage Superstitions

Well, we are sure some of you won’t mind if in rains on your big day.

  • Middle East brides apply Henna Designs on the arms and feet to save themselves from the evil eye, while in Indian applying Mehendi is a part of the tradition.
  • In Indian marriage, family members welcome the newlyweds by throwing rice on them. The same custom is followed by Czech but with a twist. They throw peas instead of rice.
  • Planting a Pine tree outside the house is the first thing Holland couples do to bring happiness, prosperity and good luck. Also, the pine is the symbol of fertility.
  • The Moroccan bride takes bath in milk to purify her before the marriage.  Well, it seems like a luxurious custom, right! A similar custom is followed in India where turmeric paste is applied on the bride.
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How to Plan a Facebook themed Wedding?

With the advent of mobile and internet technology, people have become more socially active online rather than in the real world.  Social media is fast encroaching every vertical of life be it information broadcasting, marketing, launching or even official announcements. So, if you are planning on getting married and both of you are socially active, then why not take this opportunity to base your wedding on it.

Facebook themed Wedding

Facebook can be said to have heralded the idea of social networking.  Having a Facebook-themed wedding can be a fun and creative idea then. Since most people are active on Facebook, it would prove to be the perfect platform for you to build up the hype to this unique themed wedding. There are several ways in which this wedding can be planned and conducted beautifully. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Creating the build up:

Since your wedding is based on a social media platform, creating the right kind of vibes is very important for friends and guests. Update your facebook page and change display pictures as the date nears with images symbolizing marriage. Also, ask your friends to share and tag as many photos of you and your fiancé to all the socially active guests. This will create a buzz about your wedding and also put you in a very unique and tech savvy light.

Wedding Invitation:

Now that most people remain engaged in social media, you can take the concept of a latest scroll wedding invitations card totally online. Get a unique wedding invite designed by a good designer and share it with all your invites on Facebook. Give them a teaser just before sending them one which will create excitement and thrill. For those who still prefer traditional paper made cards, you can have the same design printed and sent to them.

wedding invitation cardsPre-wedding Photoshoot:

Hire a professional photo artist to capture and assemble a digital photo album of yours at different places. Upload these photos one by one as the wedding date nears but don’t reveal them fully.  Hide them partially as many companies do before a major announcement or product launch. The thrill created by this act will be tremendous and guests would be more than excited to attend such a unique wedding. Take the help of an expert you can do this entire job for you.

Wedding Décor:

Decorate the entrance with the couple’s names written in Facebook style font with the trademark blue background. This will convey your theme head on to those who are aware of the fact as well those who have little idea about it. Have a screen set up which will display the real-time profile or wall of the couple and also the likes that each are getting from friends and relatives. Also, hang cards all over the venue with you and your fiancé’s initials printed on them in a Facebook font. Another great and unique thing that you can do is have a hoarding that displays the Facebook timeline-like how and when you two met and other important milestones in your relationship.

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Give Wings to the Romantic Barn Wedding Ideas

Take a flight of imagination into the old world rustic charm of the barns. Plan a cozy and elegant barn wedding event, amidst the Swiss Alps or English lavender gardens, minus the stress of falling short of expectations.

Hop on the Planner’s cart and let’s roll out a ravishing Romantic Barn Wedding.

1.  Indoor or outdoor:

The first thing to choose in a barn wedding is the venue. Are you comfortable getting married outdoor? In a barn, things can be a little messy, as it could be muddy, dusty and often filled with hay grains and dust. You may never know when it turns cloudy and then sunny, and start raining!

Make arrangements for the indoor Barn Wedding, with detachable/removable rooftops, so that you can have best of both worlds.

2.  The invitation:

You have hundreds of pastoral options when it comes to picking the most suitable Wedding invitation card. The Twig and Feather unique wedding invite with hardbound casing are the most lovable design that compliments the theme perfectly. Knotted cards and wedding scrolls are also very popular designs you can explore.
wedding scrolls
If you wish to move away from the regular designs and find something that nobody has done before, try the Horse Saddle and Hook Wedding Card. The card is the cutout in a horseshoe shape and flips open when pressed like you do to a saddle.

For those who wish to embrace sophistication and modern technology, get 3-D wedding cards, laser-cut to perfection, in designs ranging from the barn house to a more romantic sequin Save the Date card.

3.  Lighting it up:

Take your guests on a ride of a lifetime, allowing them to explore the most authentic Romantic Barn Wedding ever witnessed. Build the theme around with wooden frames, graced with bucolic chiffon curtains. Light up the mood with the vintage countryside lanterns made of brass and copper. Don’t hesitate to use the Davy’s Lamp either, placing it strategically at the entrance. The hay-stitched carpet with straw nests retains the vintage pastoral appeal. Place barrels and caskets of brewed beer close to the buffet counter, with a kiosk designed like a cart, for selfies.

4.  The wedding cake:

What makes a wedding special? Obviously, the cake! Well, given the venue and theme you have chosen, the creamy delight may not last the ordeal. Instead of the designer cakes, opt for large-sized jam pies and croquembouche or croque-en-bouche. If you wish to add flavor and texture to the dessert platter and still make it look regale, try Choux pastry. It is different and very European in its taste. Moreover, it fits the Romantic Bar Wedding theme aptly, especially if you get them made in heart-shaped blocks.

Wedding Cake

5.  The favors:

You can choose to gift your guests some auspicious barn symbols as wedding favors like the Barn Star, Ladybug buttons, Dream catchers or Four-Leaf Crystal Clove.

A visually enchanting wedding is on the cards if you choose some colloquial elements of the barn wedding that have been customarily included in events since 1st century AD!

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A Persian Flavor Wedding with the Arabian Night Theme

When you dream of a fairytale wedding, inspired from the Arabian Nights saga, Aladdin & Jasmine Themed wedding idea fits in perfectly. It is colorful, easy on the eyes and most importantly, fairly easy to organize. But that happens only when you have good knowledge about the story of Aladdin and Jasmine and the supporting cast.

Anyhow, let us explore 5 elements of the Aladdin & Jasmine themes that you can effectively plant into the backdrop of the wedding preparation.

1.  Getting the color scheme right:

What colors do you deem fit for the fairytale-inspired wedding? Are you ready for a dreamy, mesmerizingly electrifying setup? If yes, start pulling the curtains down on the usual blacks, white and grey. Choose your color palette in purple, lilac, bright green, fuchsia, aquamarine and lavender.

Dash of gold and silver will add the sparkle into the wedding ambience, no matter where and how you use them.

2.  Wedding invites:

Aladdin & Jasmine Themed Wedding Invitation cards can be handcrafted using velvet paper and silken lace, engraved with golden lettering in Arabic calligraphy. The background could be either lavender or purple, brightened with bold Persian patterns.

wedding scrolls

If you wish to explore something more magical and astonishingly unprecedented, go for unique wedding invites sent inside the Aladdin’s Magical Lamp. The miniature lamp can be opened up, like a fortune cookie!

Another novel idea is to send the wedding invites in the form of wedding scrolls or carpets. Wedding cards and Save the Date cards can also be rolled and sent inside the hour glass and bottled messages, fitted with cork.

3.  Jazzing up the ambiance:

Now, you can finally work on the ambience at the venue. Pick an open sky venue, ideally a destination with the clear sky, staying away from the city horizons. A rooftop amidst hilly tops is the perfect wedding destination to match the wonderland affair of Aladdin and Jasmine.

Jazz up the ambiance with Persian and Cashmere carpets, specifically hand-crafted or embroidered machine woven for wedding events. You can even hang them on the side or the walls. Light up the venue with low-hanging Moroccan lamps. Well, it goes without saying, that guests will expect a lot of floor seating space, with loads of square cut cushions and bolsters.

Arabian Night Theme

4.  Aladdin Themed  cakes:

Arabian Nights themed cake with pearly white toppings and a blue-purple creamy layer is a treat for the eyes. The three-tier cake with Jasmine and Aladdin on the top of the cake, playing gleefully with the other characters like Raja-the Tiger, Sultan, Genie, Abu- the thief monkey and carpet. For each guest, reserve a special face mask, so that they can enjoy the theme like a character themselves.

5.  Persian flowers:

Flowers and wedding are inseparable. Move beyond the regular rose and tulip bouquets. Exotic Persian flowers like calendula, Maryam, carnations, Iris, Zinnia, Paradise, hyacinth and inverted tulips make up a formidable group, gracing your Aladdin and Jasmine themed wedding.

Dazzle the center piece with Iranian elements like the tea and kettle set, with special snacks basket, and boxed favor packs for guests.

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How to Make Use of Wheat into Your Wedding Decoration?

Currently, natural weddings have turned out to be a big trend among large numbers of couples. This is because increasing numbers of couples are becoming environment-friendly, and they like to incorporate natural details into their wedding arrangements. With a vintage, country or a woodland themed wedding, you can also try giving natural touches to your wedding. In this context, it is crucial to note that using wheat will definitely be a fabulous way of adding some natural touches to your wedding. It can definitely make your wedding unique and thereby more memorable in the time to come.

Ways Of Incorporating Wheat:

As mentioned, there are innumerable ways through which you can incorporate wheat into your wedding. It will contribute to a wow factor in your overall wedding, and nothing can be better than this.

The bouquet:

The bouquet is a crucial part of your wedding. However, instead of going for the traditional flowers, you can certainly use wheat because this can turn out to be a great alternative. Wheat sheaves are excellent as well as a perfect way to add some dried flowers. Consequently, you will get the opportunity to give some personal touches that will best suit your style.

The wedding decor:

It is a great idea to include wheat even for the purposes of decor. For instance, you can choose the centerpiece of your table with wheat sheaves. It will definitely be elegant and simple, while at the same time, it will be an inexpensive option. When you place them at the center of your table, it will add to a crisp element.

Wedding Decorations

At the same time, you can add a white simple tablecloth and sprinkle some confetti on it. This is one of the best ways through which you can add some personal touches to the overall décor. The wheat sheaves come in different shapes and sizes. As a result, it can be the ideal décor for the entire venue. If you place the sheaves in different corners, it will give a sense of height and texture.

Setting the venue:

You can continue with the wheat theme by setting the overall venue with the ingredient. For instance, you can take few wheat stems and add a single flower of lavender to it. It can be tied to the napkins, and if you want, you can even add the name of your guests. This will undoubtedly create a distinctive appeal, and your guests will be awestruck with it.

Theme Wedding Card

Wheat is undoubtedly versatile. The best thing is that you will get the opportunity to add personalized touches to the wedding while working with wheat. As a result, it can give you a great form of satisfaction, and you will be relieved. It is high time to check out the wonderful collection of wheat sheaves available at different places so that you select the one that best suits your needs. To make the wheat inspired décor further exciting you can go for floral wedding invitations with the same theme. Visit online card stores to get such cards and order sample wedding invites.

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Top 5 Reasons to Have Beautiful Wedding Ice Sculptures in Wedding Décor

Ice sculptures are the latest rage, they simply look stunning. If you have not included them in your wedding decor then give it a thought. Here, we are going to give some fabulous reasons to include them in your wedding décor.

1.  Generate Curiosity:

The beauty of ice sculpture is simply mesmerizing. It generates enough curiosity; you will see your guests turning their head to take a second look or standing near it to take a snap and share it on social media. It would be one of the talking points of the evening. Generally, people would love to know how these magnificent figurines were crafted out of ice or how the temperature around them is maintained so it doesn’t melt. Believe us, it will take your wedding decor to a whole new level.

2.  Make Stunning Centerpieces:

They make excellent centerpieces. It would be a wonderful idea to have mini ice sculpture on every table. To make it look more fascinating you can have them made from colored ice. If yours is a theme wedding then you can have figurines that blend with your theme, for instance, you have chosen valentine theme then you can have ice, love birds, couples, rose, swan theme figurines. It would be the brilliant idea to have the picture that you have on your unique fabric scroll wedding invitations in figurine shape placed in the center of the venue. It will instantly remind people of your wedding invitation card.

Royal Invitations

3.  Get them clicked with ice sculpture:

Arrange for a photographer to click pictures of guests who seem to be smitten by the beauty of the ice figurines. It would be a perfect wedding favor for them. The only thing you need to make sure is that the sculptures are well hardened in the freezer. It will ensure that they easily last the length of your wedding ceremony.

4.  Quite affordable:

Ice sculptures are not that common, so people have the perception it is very expensive that is the reason people shy away from including them in wedding décor. For most of them, it is a symbol of luxurious décor but if you search you will find that these stunning pieces are very affordable. You can include them even if yours is a budget wedding.

5.  Last longer than you think:

There are lot couples who simply love the idea of having ice sculpture but step back thinking that they will melt away in two to three hours. Moreover, the wet floor left behind will create a mess. Well, most of you would be surprised to know that ice sculpture easily last 7 to 8 hours and most wedding ceremony doesn’t last such long. The probability of them melting faster is in the case of the outdoor wedding but now wedding planners put cool blowers to make sure that your ice doesn’t melt fast. Further, they put drip trays and make drainage system so there is not a bit of water in the area.



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