Top 5 Ideas to Plan a Horse Themed Wedding

If you always have been captivated by horses, you might like the idea of incorporating horse as a major wedding theme. This is one of the best ways of making your wedding unique. It will also create a wow factor into your overall wedding, and nothing can be better than this. You might want a relaxed atmosphere spending good time with your friends and loved ones. You can complete the entire wedding in a big farmhouse, which will give a charming ambience to your wedding. Nothing can be better than this.

Getting Started With The Preparation:

There are several ways by means of which you can get started with the entire preparation. The internet will give you plenty of ideas and inspirations to arrange and organize the theme. Here are some of the great ways by means of which you can get started-

1. Venue:

Once you have made up your mind to go for the horse theme, you can book a venue accordingly. A farm house is a great venue idea to get into this theme. However, if you don’t get a farmhouse, you can select an outdoor venue, which will speak a lot about the theme.

2. Wedding décor ideas:

If you want to decorate your wedding venue, it is a great idea to create a natural look. You can make a farm setting for a beautiful appeal and look. The rustic and elegant feel can be expressed in a great way with rusticity and elegant. Creating stone walls around the house and bringing different pops of colors with vintage elements scattered all around. You can make use of a wooden gate as the entrance. Set up a tent separating cocktail space with the dinner space. You can get some horses around to bring liveliness to the entire theme.

Horse Themed Wedding

3. Wedding Invite:

Go for scroll invitations card with photograph of groom riding a decorated horse. If you want to give it at twist you can have a picture of both you and your beautiful bride on the horse back. Visit online wedding invitation card store to get fully customized wedding invitation cards. You can even order sample wedding invites.

Scroll Cards

4. Wedding photos:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding photo shots in this theme. You can get horses of your choice and talk to the photographer in advance regarding the exact way you want different wedding photo poses. This will help you utilize the theme in some of the most amazing ways.

5. Wedding cake:

Using miniature horses as cake toppers or getting the entire cake in the shape of a horse is an excellent idea for your wedding cake. Apart from that, you can even use the idea of a farmland with many horses in the farm. This is a great way to reflect the overall theme, and you will love the entire idea of it.

Wedding Cake


Horse shaped key chains in personalized gift boxes are great gift ideas for your guests at the party. They will love horse shaped candies, as well.

Therefore, do not miss out this opportunity of planning a horse themed wedding. Getting into a horse themed wedding is certainly one of a lifetime experience. Therefore, get started with the planning at the earliest. It will be one of the major highlights of your life, and even your guests will remember it for years to come.



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How to Incorporate Rainbow Theme in Your Wedding?

If you are bright and fun loving person, you might choose to go for a rainbow theme for your wedding. Yes, this is an excellent theme, and it can make your guests highly excited. After all, it is a colorful theme, and you will come across lots of ideas to work on this theme. It is true that many couples have worked with this theme previously, but the best part is that you can work with the limitless option for this theme. Moreover, incorporating this fun theme can turn out to be appealing and elegant, as a whole.

Getting Started:

The internet can be a great source of inspiration for you to work on this theme. Rainbow is nothing but an assimilation of some of the most beautiful colors. Now the question is how you can incorporate the seven colors of the rainbow in your overall wedding. Here are some tips and suggestions to make it work for you in an amazing way.


Try to incorporate all the colors in an elegant way in your invitation card. Try adding small details with each color like violet ribbon, green leaf, and orange paper. You will come across lots of wedding stationery to make your unique Fabric Scroll wedding invitations. This will also give an idea of the theme to your guests. You can even ask your guests to come in colorful attires in the color of the rainbow. If you find DIY tough then visit wedding invites online store to buy rainbow-inspired wedding cards. Don’t forget to take advantage of the facility to order sample wedding invites.

Scroll Cards


Flowers are great items to be used as decoration. It is not only a vital part of every wedding arrangement, but also available in an assortment of colors. Therefore, you can have centerpieces made of flowers in different colors. You can even use colorful tablecloths and chair tiebacks. Apart from that, you can even use colors like yellow, violet and blue for your draping. Using indigo colored decorative items with a tinge of blue to it.

Rainbow Themed wedding

Wedding cake:

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a wedding cake. Make use of a white wedding cake and use colored flowers. These colors can match well with the flowers that you have used in decoration. At the top of the cake, you can ask the baker to create a bride and groom standing under a rainbow. This is one of the best ways to make the wedding cake perfectly matched with the theme.


Wedding favors:

Go for gift boxes in the colors of the rainbow. Inside the box, you can place some colorful sweets like jelly beans. Apart from that, it is also a great idea to use tissue papers in different colors so that you can wrap up the favors. Tie each of the boxes with ribbons of different colors.

Therefore, by now, you must have got an idea that there are hosts of things that you can do with this theme. It is up to you to decide what you want and how you can incorporate the overall theme into your wedding arrangement. It will make your wedding bright as well as fun.

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Top 8 Tips to Plan an Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

You might have fallen in love with a person belonging to a different religion. After all, there is no boundary in terms of caste, religion or culture for love. Organizing an interfaith wedding is a somewhat tricky. Here, we are going to reveal some wonderful tips to organize a stunning interfaith ceremony.

Handling Interfaith Marriages:

Handling the interfaith marriage is not an easy task. After all, the customs and cultures vary greatly from one to another. Here are some of the top things that you should do-

1.  A clear perception:

Right from the beginning, you should have a clear perception about the differences. You will both have to respect and accept the differences. This will make your relationship positive.

2.  Talking of both families:

Once you are clear about your beliefs and differences, you should make both the families meet. Give them enough time to get acquainted with each other and learn the differences. Talk about the wedding ceremony and rituals in detail and there should be acceptance from both sides.

Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

3.  Respecting the values and beliefs:

As you want them to respect your values and beliefs, in a similar way you should show equal respect to your values and beliefs. This in turn will please your partner’s family, and you will also have a respectable position in their family.

4.  Avoiding last minute confusion:

The discussions about the wedding rituals should be carried out in detail so that there are no chances of any last minute confusion. Both sides should view the performances and the wedding ceremony. If there are any disagreements on anything, it should be sorted in advance.

5.  Music and entertainment:

It goes without saying that music and entertainment are parts of any wedding tradition. Therefore, you should organize for music, and if possible, you can prepare some fusion musical performance to surprise your family and friends.

6.  Wedding Card:

Your wedding is special, so it needs a colored scroll cards. Visit wedding invitations online store to get interfaith wedding invitation cards. Most of the store gives you the option to order sample wedding invite.

Scroll Cards

7.  Mixing up the rituals:

It is a good idea to mix up both the rituals so that there is respect for both the religions. You should have talked about in advance so that the wedding is carried out on the basis of that. This in turn will make your wedding a complete success.

8.  Two separate ceremonies:

If the need arises, you can even organize two different ceremonies representing two different cultures and religious beliefs. On the other hand, instead of calling a clergy or a priest, you can have the ceremony conducted by a justice of peace.

In any case, it is important to make sure that regardless the way you want to arrange and organize your wedding ceremony, both you and your partner agree to it. Consequently, your wedding will turn out to be successful and everyone attending the ceremony will remember it in the long time to come.


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How to organize a stunning Arabian Theme Wedding?

Are you a fan of Arabian nights or the Arabic tradition and culture? Then, you should give a try to organizing a classic and glamorous Arabian theme wedding. A perfect blend of bright and shimmering decorations, along with a tinge of luxury and royalty, an Arabian theme wedding is quite easy to organize. To give you an idea, Arabian wedding theme would be similar to the most loved Disney movie “Aladdin”. Do watch the movie to get an idea on the detailing for the event.

1.  A scroll wedding invitations card for an Arabian wedding theme can be unique and innovatively designed by adding shimmering gems and stones embellishments. A golden and silver colored shiny text would further enhance the design. If you have a higher budget, then a scented invitation paper or a miniature perfume bottle, an origin of the Arabic tradition attached to the paper, or inserted in the envelope would look good.

scroll invitations wholesale

2.  When designing a wedding dress ensure you stitch a lovely and sensuous Middle-eastern gown or Lehenga. The shade can be pastel, and the fabric can be of your choice, right from a shimmering velvety cloth, to a silk and satin fabric. Make sure to add embroidered motifs or paisley work patterns that would make the dress look a perfect for the occasion. The groom can dress up in a Sherwani or a dhoti Kurta that is designed in an Arabian style.

3.  When it comes to the wedding décor, the most important aspects are the curtains, table cloth, cushions and cutlery. Bright colored flowing patterns that are made in satin and wavy fabric can be a perfect theme for the Arabian theme wedding. Large chandeliers or real candles lit all across the venue in lamps or the Aladdin’s magic lantern can also be a thoughtful wedding decor. Make use of velvet material and enhance it with rich brocade, or shimmering embroidery when it comes to cushions, sofa or table clothing.

Arabian Theme Wedding

4.  You can hire a Henna artist to design lovely Arabic Henna design on the hands of the female guests. Also, for weddings with a higher budget a live belly dance performance or an orchestra playing live Arabic folk music can make the theme lively. However, if the budget is low, then you can ask the DJ to play classic Arabic songs in the background.

5.  A perfect combination of rich ingredients and aromatic spices, Arabic food is a delight to the taste buds. An exotic Arabic menu includes meat, lamb, chicken, lentils, olives, hummus as a part of the three course menu. Include a traditional dish in the menu, for instance, Tabouleh, Kofta, couscous, etc. The service staff can be dressed up in Shimagh or Egals to bring out the Arabic feel even more.

Arabian Theme Wedding

6.  Wedding favors can be in the form of Arabic souvenirs that can be picked up at cheap prices from the local flea market. Another useful wedding favor can be exotic assorted Arabic spices packed in lovely gift boxes.

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Top 6 Tips To Plan a Gracious Casual Themed Wedding

As far as, the latest trends in wedding themes are concerned, tying knots in a casual theme has become popular. Couples are choosing a laidback approach with a sober and elegant essence to it. In fact, casual wedding theme is beautiful because it allows carefree aesthetics along with the chance to express personality in the best way. Therefore, many brides and grooms are discovering the real joy of casual elegance in a wedding. If you want to follow a similar theme, you can easily get started with it.

1.  Planning For A Casual Wedding:

Do not forget that when you are opting for a casual themed wedding, it means simplicity in terms of ambience and arrangements. This in turn will create a sophisticated and sober element, and you will have to sacrifice many dramatic elements. If you are ready for it, here is how you can get started with it.

2.  The invitations:

Wedding invitations card certainly occupy the primary position in any wedding. The look and language of your unique wedding invites will talk about the degree of formality. This in turn will also reflect the mood of the celebration. Going for customized scroll wedding invitations card is a straightforward approach. You can use handmade papers with detailed surfaces and ribbons and some imageries for casual weddings.

color scroll invitations

3.  The attire:

The bride has the flexibility to wear any casual dress. It can range from a streamlined sheath with columnar and crisp lines to strapless sundress with a straw hat. It can even be a retro pantsuit. Revamping a vintage gown can also be a good idea. The groom can be in tan trousers and navy blazers accessorized by a belt and bow tie. It is not necessary to go for matching.

4.  The venue:

Choose a location that is relaxing and comfortable for both you and your guests. You can stretch your legs and relax in leisure forgetting any party mood. Selecting a meadow or a ranch in desert, a clearing in a forest or a tent in a beach are ideal venues for your casual themed wedding.

5.  The décor:

As far as, the decoration is concerned, you need not make any aspect of the décor look extra styled. On the contrary, the venue should look decorated spontaneously. Go for heirloom laced tablecloths, plaids and toile. Some of the common flowers that you can include in the decoration are gerbera, daisies, wildflowers and sunflowers. You can display them in eclectic containers. Keep the lighting natural in the form of clean and white candles or Ristic metallic lanterns.

Casual Themed Wedding

6.  The treats:

Let the guests enjoy a gourmet feast. Dining at long tables and eating oak smoked meats and grilled vegetables can be a good idea. Your guests can eat with hands in stoneware plates. You can consider the option of raspberries, olives and cheese. Bread served in sweet butter and some homemade jams can also be an excellent option. As drinks, you can serve ice water, lemonades or sangria in pitchers. Wines from the local vineyards can even go great.

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How to Make Arrangements for A Country Garden Themed Wedding?

As you are planning out your wedding, one of the primary things that you need to consider is the theme. A majority of the weddings are guided on the basis of themes today. However, finalizing on the ultimate theme and reflecting the entire ceremony surrounding it is a major challenge. Now there are several theme options you can consider, but selecting the right one is often confusing. It is not only about selecting the theme, but also deciding on the ways you want to make the necessary arrangements. How about creating a country garden theme for your wedding day?

Making Your Move:

Country garden theme for Wedding

Country garden theme bursts with light and color and at the same time it is alive with flowers, butterflies, trees and birds. Here are some of the top ways by means of which you can recreate an outdoor garden and arrange an elegant ceremony surrounding the theme. This theme is all about the simplicity and beauty of nature. There are loads of ways through which you can bring a subtle country touch to the celebrations.


Country Garden Themed Wedding Venue

Selecting an outdoor venue, especially a garden or a big lawn can speak a lot about the theme. Moreover, you can even recreate the theme inside a church, a marquee or a reception venue.

Wedding Invite:

Country Garden Themed Wedding Cards

Give a skip to traditional invite. A butterfly wedding invitation card will look apt here. The other option would be to go for a Quinceanera Scroll Invitations. Explore online card stores to explore latest trend in invites.

Floral arrangements-

Country Garden Themed Wedding Floral arrangements

You can set the theme with lots of seasonal flowers all around. Ranging from lilac, roses, and round peonies, you can use wide varieties of flowers, both scented and colored to add to the beautiful décor of your venue. Adding some wild flowers and trailing foliage can add more romance to the theme.


Country Garden Themed Wedding Decoration

While decorating the venue, using glass bottles in different shapes and sizes and placing them on the tables is a great idea. Fill up the China tea cups with wild flowers to bring in the desired charm. If possible, you can even ornate bird cages with larger blooms in order to bring a sophisticated look. Washed out jam jars can also look cool, and if you want you can add splashes of color to it. Using vintage tea cups and old fashioned tiered cakes can give a great feel to the theme. The tea cups can be used to hold and place the cards with scented blooms and ivy trailing. Hang love hearts with the name of bride and groom. Lanterns and candles are must for the evening.


Country Garden Themed Wedding Outfit

For getting a country look, it is a good idea to go for a short or a tea-length dress. Adding a colored underskirt and matching shoes can add a bit of fun to the outfit. Try to accessorize your hair with real flowers and pearls because this in turn will bring a more modern look.

Serving fruits-

Country Garden Themed Wedding Serving fruits

As an initial snack, you can serve fruits like apple, strawberry or other country produce. Cakes made of fruit can also be a great option to reflect the theme. This will certainly give unusual country garden twist to the ceremony. You can even place a basket of juice strawberries in the center of the table.

Thus, you can make the celebrations simple yet sober.

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Why Castle Theme Weddings Are Popular Today

This is the age of themes. Regardless of what you do and what you celebrate, there must be a theme to back it up. This is especially applicable in case of weddings. A wedding cannot be complete without a theme to it. However, there are varieties of themes to choose from, and you are free to go for any of them. You can talk to your wedding planner regarding your preferences, and this in turn will help you get the best option. If you had always wished to be a princess, you deserve to be a princess on your very special day. In this context, going for a castle theme wedding is the best thing you can do. After all, a fairy tale styled wedding can make your wedding the most memorable event.

The castle wedding venues will give you an opportunity to become a princess for a day. Moreover, you will feel royalty and elegance. There are lots of castle venues that you can select for your wedding so that your entire wedding is a success. Nothing can be better than to get married in a castle.

Take a look at some of the top reasons choosing castle themed wedding venues.

Historic in nature:  

When you go for castle themed weddings, it is obvious that you will choose a castle as your venue. The castles are steeped in history with lots of stories to tell. Some of them are even more than 800 years old and they will bring goose bumps. Even the kings and queens have celebrated their great events inside those walls.

Castle Themed Wedding

A dramatic effect:

Castle wedding can enable you to have a good sense of drama on your special day. This in turn will prove to be memorable for both you and your guests. You can wonder through the beautiful lawns with a dramatic backdrop of a fascinating castle. The overall scenario will be picture perfect.

Uniqueness in itself:

There is an element of uniqueness in selecting the castle themes. Since you and your partner make a unique couple, the place you celebrate your wedding should also be unique. No two castles are the same. Hence, regardless the castle you choose, you will get an element of uniqueness in the same.

A magical charm:

Most people have grown up with stories and pictures of magical castles. These also included the princesses and the dashing knights. You can imagine yourself and your partner in the magical atmosphere of the castle, and your imagination will get a shape on your special day.

Royal invitations cards

As you make up your mind to go for castle themed wedding, you should start looking for the venue because this occupies the most important factor. You will come across lots of romantic and award winning castles exclusively hired for wedding. Invite the guests for the big day with a stunning Handmade Exclusive Invitations. Hence, you can also book the same. At the same time, you should not forget to get your fairy dress and décor to match the overall wedding venue. You can check out for samples online for ideas.

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How to Organize a Stunning & Memorable Sea Side Wedding?

Are you planning to celebrate your wedding on a sea side? This will be highly romantic, and you can be certain that it will turn out to be the most memorable occasion of your life. However, beach wedding requires lots of organization and planning so that you are not troubled at the last moment. It can be a small, simple and natural wedding, and it is up to you to decide how grand you will make it. On the basis of that, you can call your guests and make the necessary arrangements. In any case, a sea side wedding will be unique, and you will love planning for it.

Top Ways To Prepare:

As mentioned, the crucial part of a sea side wedding is the preparation. You have plethora of options to consider. Take your time to make the arrangements.

1.  Choose a location:

The first thing you need to do is to choose a location. Check out the facilities available at the beach and find out whether it can accommodate the numbers of guests you have. Moreover, you can even check out the ways you can decorate the venue. If you are looking forward to marrying in a private beach, you will obviously check out the container laws, the permit fees, and even the cleanup charges.

Sea Side Weddings

2.  Dress accordingly:

You need to dress properly when you are planning a sea side wedding. Therefore, skip the big dress and leave it for the ballroom. Moreover, try to select a light weight dress without many laces in it. Choosing a light weight fabric like chiffon will flow naturally with the breeze. Go for the hairdo in accordance to the dress to make the perfect look. Light weight cotton pants or Bermuda shorts are great options for the groom. This will make your wedding look more natural.

3.  Choose colors carefully:

For a pop set up of your wedding, you should choose colors so that they contrast the colors of the sand and the beach. You can even go for some vibrant tones for a different look and feel altogether.

4.  Talk to local wedding planners:

It is often difficult to make all the arrangements by yourself. In this context, one of the best things you can do is to talk to the local wedding planners. They have ideas on several things and they will give you the best suggestions. They will understand your requirements, and they will give you recommendations, as per your choice. When it comes to caterers, you should also look for vendors who are aware of the local market, and they must be equally respectful to the beach environment.
Scroll invitations card

5.  Protecting your privacy:

The beaches are mostly crowded on the holidays and weekends. Therefore, try to avoid the over-crowded beaches. On the other hand, it will be a good idea to go for a private beach, provided you can afford it. Renting an oceanfront estate for a scheduled ceremony is a good idea, as a whole. Don’t forget to invite your guests with a customized exclusive scroll invitation cards send along with some goodies.

Consequently, you can conduct a dream wedding for everyone to remember.

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How to Get Inspiration For A Library Theme Wedding?

It is an excellent idea that you are looking forward to a themed wedding. Well, there are many themes to choose from, and you are free to choose the theme and decorate everything associated with the wedding accordingly. If you and your lover are fascinated about books, it is a great idea to plan a literary theme wedding. The concept of library themed wedding is comparatively new, and it can be a great one for your wedding. You and your guests will love the overall arrangement for this theme, and you will enjoy making the arrangements. Nothing can be better than this.

Now there are several things you can think of when planning for a library themed wedding. Take a look at the different things you can do.

Preparing your invitation:

You can begin reflecting your wedding theme with your invitation. You can get inspired by a library card and set the tone of the card accordingly. You can take adorable engagement photos either within the library or with books. Consequently, you can use that photo to tell the world that you are getting married. If you check the internet, you will certainly get lots of cool ideas like going for a scroll wedding invitation card with a logo book is in trend. Later, you can show the gratitude to the guests by sending wedding thank you scrolls.
wedding thank you scrolls

Selecting the venue:

A library can often become the perfect venue for your wedding. In this context, you can talk to your local library. However, if that is a difficult option, you can decorate the wedding venue with books of different types. This will also play a great role in reflecting the overall theme of the wedding. If you want, you can leave spaces for your guests to type congratulations or advice for you and your partner with the help of a vintage typewriter. You can make use of library styled cards and holders for decorating the seating arrangements.

Book themed photo shoot:

Do not forget to go for a book themed photo shoot. This will be one of the most interesting and prominent parts of your wedding. Hire a photographer who can offer you the perfect photo shot experience.

Decorating the flowers:

The flowers that the bride and the bridesmaid will carry can also be entirely made from the pages of books. This will create a different appeal altogether. If you want, you can even use book pages for using as mat for your photos. Even the cake can be decorated to resemble the look of book pages. Moreover, the cake can come with many interesting inscriptions quoted from books. You can revamp some old pages to make a bow tie.

Library Theme Wedding

For your guests:

At the end of the day, don’t forget to send your guests some interesting books as return gift. You can be assured that they will be satisfied, and your entire wedding arrangement will be a success.

Therefore, you can take inspirations from this theme and look forward to celebrating a wedding with a literary theme. It will certainly make your wedding memorable, and people will remember it for years to come. You will feel glad that you selected such a theme.

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Top 6 Cool & Easy Decor Ideas for a Church Wedding

Regardless the theme and nature of your wedding, you should be very careful about the decor. After all, it is the first thing that your guests will observe and it will be captured in photography. This in turn can become your lifetime memory. As you are planning to get married in a church, you will have to think of decor ideas suitable for a church. Well, there are several ways through which you can decorate the church. Right from making use of fresh garden flowers to draping fabrics of different kinds to using small glass slippers, there are a whole lot of things that you can use for decorating the church.

Here are some of the unique yet simple ideas for a church wedding décor.

1.  Decorating the door:

The first thing that you should do is to decorate the door. Now you can use initials of the bride and groom painted in wooden structures and hang them with beautiful ribbons. You can even use a wreath of flowers for an impressive look.

Church Wedding decorations2.  Decorating the pews:

You will find several options to decorate the pews. For instance, you can use pew bows at each aisle. You can use the color of the aisle in such a way so as to match with your wedding color theme. You can even make use of fake pearls or Christmas ornaments for hanging on the pews. Fall colored leaves can also be used for the same purpose.

3.  Using candles:

It is an excellent idea to make use of candles during church wedding regardless the season you are marrying. This in turn will certainly create a romantic ambience. You can even use the candelabras of the church to place the candles along the aisles. When you use this beautiful aspect of the church, it will undoubtedly play a great role in enhancing the overall décor of the church in your wedding.

4.  Relying on traditional decoration:

You can of course rely on the traditional decorations by using lace, pearls, crystals, fresh and dry flowers, etc. This in turn will certainly play a great role in heightening the overall ambience of the church and your wedding.

Church Wedding decorations

5.  Using color themes:

In the recent years, lots of brides and grooms consider working with themes. In this context, you can apply some beautiful color themes for the church wedding. Apart from that, you can even think of Asian beach theme. For instance, you can knot the seashells along the aisle. On the other hand, you can even use colorful Japanese lanterns on Thai silk for Asian theme wedding. Using small glass slippers with organza ribbon is also a nice way of making a fairytale wedding.

Make sure that your wedding decoration is unique in every sense of the term. This in turn will certainly make your wedding all the more memorable. If you want, you can draw inspiration from these innovative ideas because these are some of the best ways through which you will get ideas about decorating the church for your wedding. To make the first favorable impression, invite guests for the big day using Quinceanera Scroll Invitations Cards.

Quinceanera Scroll Invitations Card

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