Planning For A Theme Wedding, Try The Cinderella Theme

Cinderella Scroll Invitations

Cinderella Scroll Invitations

Every girl, since her childhood likes to be treated like a princess. When a girl is small, she grows up hearing all fairy-tale stories and forms her own world of imagination, where she is a beautiful princess wearing pretty white gowns and she is the centre of attraction, wherever she goes. She, as a princess dreams and waits for the day when her destiny will make her meet her charming prince and then they will live happily ever after. As this is just an imagination or a dream that every girl sees for herself, it cannot be possible to live like that in her daily life. But one day that nobody in the world can stop her to live her dream is her wedding day. Everyone’s eye is on the bride and no doubt that every girl looks her best on her wedding day.

To make her dream come true, many girls prefer going for a Cinderella or Fairy Tale theme. Here are some ideas on how you can work out the Cinderella theme to make your wedding day a successful and a memorable event. From the most appropriate scroll invitations to the thank you cards, you are the one who will decide and astonish others with your ideas and choice.

When it comes to your wedding, you may have to play multiple roles like first of all, you have to create a story or write a fairy tale story for your wedding. So you become a writer. Then the next step is to plan how you are going to execute it on the final day. Planning and execution part makes you a director. By default you are the producer of the script because it’s your wedding. Then you have to choose or may be give your inputs in designing your perfect dress, so to some extent you also become a designer. Apart from all this, it’s you and your partner who will have to manage various activities and this makes you a manager and finally on the wedding day, you and your partner play the lead characters of the story. There is no other day and there will be no other day than your theme wedding day, where you will get to play so many roles simultaneously.

It is also very important to choose a perfect design for your invitation card related to your Cinderella theme and for this scroll invitations will be perfect. Cinderella theme is all about brightness and glitters. So try to have scroll invitations which sparkle with glitters and which are extremely eye catching. Something in bright white color with a touch of silver sparkles spread all over.

The next thing is deciding your wedding dress. Your perfect dress will be a pretty gown with ruffles and laces at your back. You can team your gown with classy ornaments like shiny silver colored snowflake earrings and a neckpiece. To add more of a Cinderella touch you can wear glass slippers that will be visible when you walk down the aisle.

You need to also choose the interiors of your venue very prudently that goes well with your Cinderella theme.
Hope your Cinderella Wedding  be the best wedding ever.

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