Popular Bat Mitzvah card designs

Bat Mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony that is performed to celebrate the coming of age of girls. This ceremony becomes all the more important because a girl after this ceremony is given the status of an adult and also gets the rights and permission by the society to take her decisions. The fact that the girl has grown up is a happy occasion for families to celebrate as the parents are also to an extent freed of their responsibilities. The celebrations are grand and all friends and family members are invited to be a part of the festivities.

Popular Bat Mitzvah card designs

The invites need to be according to the occasion, they also set impression about the family and kind of celebration that can be expected. Invites are the face value of any event; sending clichéd invites is not a good idea because there are plenty of designer invites specifically designed for the occasion are available in the market and one can easily select out of these.

Here is a list of popular Bat Mitzvah designs:

Glitz Glamour Red Carpet Movie Star: A glamorized card that would make your child feel nothing less than a movie star. The card is red in color with beautiful designs and fonts.

Light Mint Green Invite: this is a beautiful card that is in soothing green color and has a star in between. This card is perfect who want to keep the invite simple and beautiful.

Purple Teal Star of Bat Mitzvah: This is another beautiful invite that is in purple and green color. It is a combination of elegance and simplicity.

Pink Zebra Invite: This as the name suggest has a cover which is in black and white stripe similar to those of a zebra and a beautiful pink bow adds to its beauty.

Teal Blue and Black polka dots: Polka designs are quite in fashion and this card would certainly be liked by those who want to remain in  trend. It has black base with blue bow polka dots at the bottom which certainly adds to the beauty. The message is in white fonts.

These are not only the choices one has; one can go for theme based cards also like:

Red Carpet Theme: There are various red carpet based designs available – Red Carpet Hollywood, Glitz Glamour Invite, Concert Ticket Invite, Hollywood Red Carpet Invite, Hollywood Red Curtain Announcement invite, etc.

Color Based Invite: There are certain people who have a particular color choice and there are lots of color based cards available in the market like: Pink Gerbera daisy invite, Pink Orange Star of David, Hot Pink Damask Invite, Pink and Green polka dots invite Teal blue and black polka invite, Fuchsia Hot pink and Teal blue, Golden flowers invite, teal blue and black invites and many more.

Photo invites: These invites have the photo of the child as the cover and looks elegant. The photo can be in the form of magazine cover as in Magazine Invite, or can be simple like white photo invite.

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