5 Steps to plan a Royal Theme Wedding?

Wedding is synonymous with words like rich, culture and grand. These are the same words that one thinks of when one thinks about Royalty. Sporting a theme wedding is the latest trend. Most couples realize that the most obvious theme for a wedding is a Royal Theme Wedding. There is something extremely exotic about royal themes that can be incorporated into a wedding also.

Royal Wedding Theme

Here are 5 steps that will help you to plan a royal wedding.

1 Location must be Royal:

A Royal Theme Wedding will not be possible without a proper location or venue.  Ideally a royal wedding should take place at a castle. So the first task is to look for a castle or palace where you can host your wedding celebrations. If due to logistic constraint getting a real palace is not possible, then simply try and replicate the same. Try and ask your decorator to recreate the grandeur and look of a real palace for you or chose a heritage hotel as lots of hotels are converted into heritage hotels.

2 Invite your Guests with care:

Invitation cards play an important role in weddings. Not only they are auspicious but they also act like a teaser for the wedding ceremony. Guests take a look at the card and try and gauge as to what to expect from the wedding. Naturally, the most befitting wedding card for a royal wedding is a scroll wedding invitation card. It will transform guests to the era of the kings and queens, when invitations were sent through scrolls alone. To make them look authentic, you can seal them wax emblems and tie them with a ribbon of the color matching your wedding décor.

Royal Wedding Invitation
Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding

3 Concentrate on details:

The fact that will make your wedding click is the small details. Use loads of chandeliers and flowers to recreate a royal environment. Cover the seats in velvet instead of satin, keep dinner plates in silver instead of glass one’s and have fountains all across the venue. These small detailing will help to make the event look and seem royal.

4 Food should be befitting Kings and Queens:

A wedding should be lavish. Try and use loads of rich gravy food items in the menu. Remember, it is a royal wedding so the menu should be a replicate the food the kings and queens used to devour upon. Keep something exotic and special in the sweet section like Shahi Tukda , exotic fruits ,freshly made Jalebis and Kesar milk .

5 Look of the Bride and Groom:

In any wedding, the look of the bride and groom play an important role. The importance is far more in case of a royal wedding.  In this case, the bride and groom need to look grand as kings and queens of a palace. Choose the wedding clothes with care, use loads of real zari, tissue, real silk, jadau and velvet to recreate the look of the bygone kings and queens.

Use the above tips and have the perfect royal wedding for yourself or your friends.

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