Sashtiapthapoorthi – A Unique Celebration Of The 60th Birthday

birthday invitation cards
birthday invitation cards

Sashtiapthapoorthi means 60 years completion. It’s a Hindu ceremony also considered as a silver-wedding anniversary. According to the Hindu culture it’s of the great importance as it’s an age where one has fulfilled his commitment towards home, family, etc. and so he can turn his mind into spirituality. This day is celebrated with meaningful and elaborate rituals also include some of the wedding rituals to make this day great/remarkable in a person’s life. Some people celebrate it by sending out birthday invitation cards to all the family, friends and relatives and inviting them to come together and wish the person a healthy life ahead.

Shasthi Abda Poorthi can be celebrated in the year, month, and the day person completes 60 years of age.  Usually it is celebrated at the completion of sixty years and entering of the sixty first years. The couple seeks blessing from the elders who have complete their shastiabdapoorthi and bless those who are younger to them.

Shasthi Abda Poorthi Rituals:
Before starting the ceremony, morning rituals is done which include bath and sandhya vandhanam these are carried out to purify the body. After that, Ganpathi Pooja is done followed with Sankaalpam. In this, the couple prays to almighty for their healthy and prosperous life also pray for their sins to be forgiven. Gradha Preeti Dhana is done after this, its followed by Abhyuthaya Sradham which is performed to seek blessing from an ancestors. Punyaham is symbolizes purifying of one’s mind and body. Lastly, wedding rituals is performed in which couple repeats wedding rituals like exchange of garlands, taking seven vows,etc.

Kalasha Sthapana and kalaslh Pooja:
Kalasha Sthapana pooja varies from place to place depending upon the numbers of Kalash it can be 60, 33, 12 etc. After this pooja is organized. The Paratpara pooja is that in which the worship of Gori or Ma Durga and lord Vishnu is done which form the integral part of the rituals.

Ayush Homam: In these homam mantras is chanted with 108 Ahuthees. This homam is done to pay homage to Ayur Devtha who blesses the people with their long life. Various ingredients like coconut, Betel leaves, Fruits, ghee, Milk, etc are required.

Navagraha Homam:
This is done for pleasing the nine planets that rules and defines the fruits of one’s karma so it’s become favorable to one’s spiritual pursuits which generally expected to seek after sixty.

Dhanvantari Homam:
This homam is done to invoke the blessing of dhanvantari, God of Medicine. When this homam is done its spreads positive energies and goodwill. It also helps the couple to stay healthy even after attaining this age.

Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam:
This is a particular human is done for longevity in which 21 mantras are chanted. This is one of the main ceremony during this as this is said to elongate the life of the person and it is said to avert all the illnesses. Shashtiabdapoorthi can be performed in series of places. It can be done in a holy place, temple, or at one residence, etc.

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