Scroll Invitations – class apart wedding cards

Scroll Invitations

Scroll Invitations

When planning a wedding everything needs to be perfect, people want their wedding to be unique and different as this is the day which will be cherished forever. This urge of planning a unique kind of wedding ignites various ideas, having a royal kind of wedding is one of them. If the wedding is based on the royal theme then the invite has to be something different and Scroll invitations are the answer.

These are basically kind of scrolls that were used by the royal families to communicate with others. Scroll cards have become quite famous and people are finding them quite fascinating. There are different designs available and one can choose from plenty of options. Bright colors and different kind of papers render a class to the wedding card. There can be theme based scroll cards. Scroll invitations are not just limited to marriages, you can get scroll cards designed for others occasions as well. There are scroll cards with gold borders, made of velvet and are kept in a box which gives them a royal look. Even the writings on such cards are of royal kind. Scroll cards have a wide range: Royal scroll with gold border, metallic scroll, Embroidered scroll, mini scrolls. The choice of paper for these scrolls can range from handmade paper, Silk handmade paper, wool paper, etc. For  those who dream for a royal kind of wedding Scroll invites are the best choice.

Where wedding scrolls give a royal touch to the wedding, these are also a great means to convey the theme of the marriage. Imagine how stately it looks when the guests open these cards out of the royal box and then read it aloud to their family that their near and dear one is getting married. Such is the power of wedding scroll invitations as it imbibes richness and class right from the first impression.

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