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Scroll Invitations
Scroll Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an important part of wedding arrangements. The invitation cards can define the status and arrangements of your marriage. Therefore, everyone wants to select a card that can give a royal, stylish and elegant look to their wedding.

One very convenient way to do this is to select scroll wedding invitation. These invitation cards were used by kings and emperors, and thus a wedding with scroll cards
looks regal.

The scroll wedding cards for Indian marriages are termed as “farman”. These cards are
made up of clothe or paper which is rolled and then tied with a thread. You can find
these cards at wedding cards shops. Now days, due to the busy life and lack of time,
some of the shops also provide online services. Here, you can choose the card, suggest
some specifications and place the order. You will get the delivery within a day or two at
your door., an online wedding card shop, is providing its
services for years. Its team also offers customization services where you can ask them to
design a card of your choice depending on your rituals, customs and religion.

Before making a purchase at all these shops, you have to look for certain things, to get
the best variety. These things are:

  • Quality of cloth used for making the card. It should be of high quality.
  • Color of the card is very important. Each card is available in different colors. Pick the
    color that suits your wedding.
  • Thread used to tie the card. The thread should be of matching texture to the cloth and
    should add extra grace to the card.
  • Look for the decorative items on the cards. You can ask them for laces, zari border,
    beads etc according to your choice.

At shops like, one can find a wide range of a variety of
scroll wedding invitations. One can pick from aesthetically crafted scroll cards, Indian
scroll wedding cards, designer scroll cards or cards made up of handmade paper or
vellum paper.

It is very convenient to buy wedding cards from such online shops. The payment is made
online, and you will get your choice without even getting up from your chair. So, what
are you waiting for? Go and get the unique scroll wedding cards for marriage in your family and make your guests happy.

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