Seven Super Cool Ideas for Green Wedding

Million of nuptials take place every year, making wedding a big industry in itself. The wedding is hardly a quiet ceremony, music, fireworks, décor, flowers and lighting all are an integral part of it. What makes the joyous moment a genuine matter of concern is the tons of greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere.

Here the would-be-couples can do there bit by going for an environment friendly green wedding. There are numerous amazing ways to plan a green wedding. Here are 7 super cool ideas to plan an environment friendly nuptial.

1.  Avoid Firecrackers:

Firecrackers are an important part of every kind of wedding especially in the northern part of India. These causes immense air and noise pollution. If you have elderly people or guests with the breathing problem, you will see them grasping for breath. First step you can take towards green ceremony is by saying “No” to firecrackers.

2.  Green Wedding Venue:

Getting into wedlock in the outdoor location is a right way to celebrate the beauty of nature. A beautiful garden where flowers are on full bloom will be a stunning location. In case, you want something more adventurous then make it a small affair with limited friends near a natural waterfall.

3.  Time of Ceremony:

The north Indian wedding takes places late in the evening and goes on till early morning hours. Bulbs, tube lights and decorative lights are used to light up the venue; you can imagine how much energy is utilized. To save energy, schedule the program during the day time. Morning and afternoon are ideal as there is an abundance of natural light, and you will not need additional lighting for clicking pictures.

4.  Green Wedding Invitations:

Now there are numerous Indian wedding invitation card stores that sell paper invitation made from recycled paper, means you don’t have to step away from tradition by going for an e-invite. Give the cards the elegance of nature by sticking rose petals and seeds on them. If you want something more sophisticated then go for a Green scroll invitation made from recycled handmade paper.

5.  Organic Wedding Flowers:

The décor is considered to be incomplete without flowers and to meet the growing demands fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are used. Here, ignoring flowers would be difficult; the alternate is to go for organically cultivated flowers. Another good choice is to go seasonal flowers. They naturally grow during the season hence no chemicals and fertilizers are needed.

6.  Food and drinks:

The wedding ceremony is going to be incomplete without mouthwatering delicacies. The normal food served in the party is delicious, but you cannot say that they are healthy. For your nature nuptial, use organically grown fruits, vegetables and cereals. If you are planning to serve hard drinks then go for organic beer and organic wine.

7.  Avoid disposable stuff:

Generally, plates and glasses made from disposable plastic are used to serve food and drinks. It leads to a pile of wastes that takes millions of years to decay. The nature-friendly way is to go for reusable plates and glasses.

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