Six Cool Adventure Theme Wedding Ideas

Bring in the adrenaline rush on your wedding day by planning an adventure based theme wedding. Invite the guests using a perfect cheap wedding scrolls invitation that matches with the wedding theme. Be it just the two of you, or get in the whole family for a never-to-forget adventure ride/sport, this theme is certainly going to leave everyone amazed. In fact, these days many couples are planning an adventure theme wedding, and it is quite popular all across the globe.

You need to come up with an adventure theme that will be suitable both in terms of you and your spouse’s health and safety. Ensure you take proper guidance and training from experts before finally tying the knot the exciting way. Moreover, surprises for such a theme do not many times seem pleasant and hence the concept needs to be discussed way before the preparations are made.

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Some of such adventure concepts you can indulge into are mentioned below:

1.  Air Balloon:

Drift smoothly high above the ground and say ‘I Do’ to the love of your life, amidst the clouds and birds. A hot air balloon decorated with lovely flowers and ribbons, to carry you and your love in a world that has just the two of you- doesn’t it sound eternally romantic? You can arrange hot air balloons for your close relatives and friends too, so that you exchange the vows in the presence of your family and friends applauding the precious moment in complete excitement.

2.  Paragliding:

If heights don’t scare you and your partner, then a paragliding adventure theme would be a perfect choice. If you plan the wedding during the time of sunrise or sunset, then get ready to be mesmerized by the flamboyant and vibrant colors of the sky. You would, however, need an accurate training session before the D-day. Fly high with your partner and shout out ‘I do’ to let the world know about the lovely bond you share.

3.  Cycling:

If you and your spouse is a fitness freak, then cycling up a hill and expressing ‘I do’ seems to be an enthralling choice. You can arrange for transportation for your guests to reach the hill top, before the ceremony. If your guests are equally enthusiastic, then you can get them to cycle up the hill along with you.

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4.  Bungee Jumping:

This adventure theme goes well with the phrase – ‘Falling in Love’. Climb up the cliff and experience a steep bungee jump, shouting out the love for your soul mate. If you are looking out for more adventure, then you can exchange the rings staying upside down too.

5.  Scuba Diving:

If beaches excite you and your spouse, then you can engage into a scuba diving session on your wedding day. Say those magical words to your fiancée underwater in the most calm and serene environment ever. Let the colorful underwater species be the witness of your marriage.

6.  Rock climbing:

Climb up a rock and exchange vows at the top of the mountain high above the ground level. You might sweat out a lot, however, the reason to do so will certainly be a booster for you.

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