Some Basic Details about having a Theme Wedding

It is lots of fun to have a theme wedding than the traditional wedding. Not only fun but a theme wedding is also an easy way to get married. The events are more involving and don’t look like homework you have to do anyway. What really takes time is the decision to settle on a particular theme because there are so many of them and all of them are equally exciting.

There are themes wedding invitations about everything you can think of. There are the traditional themes or unusual themes like the Star Wars theme, and they all look good as it is executed. Themes like Star Wars or Pirates sounds a little weird but people do wed in these themes and they look fine doing it.

Theme Based Invitations

Do your research well, and finalize the wedding theme as soon as possible. This way you can move on to work on the details. In a theme wedding, everything should be according to the theme only. The decorations, the costumes, the scroll wedding invitation cards, even the food and liquor should be used according to the theme.

It is important to have the invitation card which reflects your theme because it will give invitees an idea of how to dress for your wedding event. It will also help them in selecting a present for you which goes with the theme.

Scroll Invitations

Apart from that, make sure the return gifts you will give to your guests should be reflecting the theme. This will leave a mark on your guest’s memory and they will always have cherishing memories of your wedding. You cannot choose to follow the theme with the return gift, but your guests will forget those gifts. On the other hand, a memorable themed gift will always make them remember the most beautiful day of your life.

Apart from the invitation card and return gift, all other little details must be tuned according to the theme wedding Invitations. Working on details start with the bridal gown for the bride, it is extremely important that you have the best bridal gown that goes with the theme.

Box Scroll Invitations

You should ask the decorators to make sure that the flowers arranged for decoration of the venue is matching with the theme of the wedding. It gives the wedding an authentic feel, but the decoration must not be overdone. There is a thin line between a unique decoration and a tacky one and you must take care that it only manages to look unique.

Choose a theme which is popular and your guest should relate with it in one way or the other. There are some themes that the guests may feel like an alien, being a part of it. Such as the Star Wars theme, it doesn’t make sense to have it if the guests know nothing about it. However having a more general theme like the Hollywood or Bollywood theme will give the guests many things to notice and talk about.

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