Surprise Wedding Anniversary Party

Wedding anniversary is one of the most special days especially in couple’s life. Wedding anniversary is a date or an occasion where two souls or two individual forms an especial relationship as a husband and wife. This day/date is one of the most memorable in their lives. Couples eagerly wait for this day to make their this day very especial they try to plan out different surprises or give different surprises which their love one like it, some also throw grand party, some like to spend their own time they try to make their this day especial by doing something unique and different. Some send out anniversary invitations and organize a huge party while some prefer to stay together on this day and celebrate this day in their own way.

Wedding Anniversary Invitations
Tenth anniversary is a diamond anniversary. Completing ten years of wedding is of most memorable days in one’s life. In 10 years of wedding there are lots of things which takes place some changes are good some are bad but both remain together whatever the situation so this make it more precious in couples life. It’s a day on which they can recall/remember about their past beautiful days they can also make themselves feel more special and express their feeling about the presence of each other in their lives.

Wedding anniversary party becomes more excited when it includes surprises which are never expected so  sometimes the near and dear ones plan out to give surprise party to the couple in a very especial manner. But this requires advance planning, what are the things they like, about the food, decoration, location, and important thing is gift. It is always charming to decide to throw a grant party at the favorite place of the couple. It’s a green area where there is a greenery all around which gives beautiful feeling. Theme for party can relate to nature. This theme can be reflected on the anniversary invitations which are sent out to guests.

Decoration is important part of party already area/place consist beautiful natural flowers as well as greenery so it didn’t require much of decoration simple lightning and balloons with anniversary banner will add more beauty to it. Couples can be welcomed by showering rose petals on them from the top which can be one of the great surprises for them. To make them feel special you can also make the arrangement of wedding chairs as well as garlands which both can exchange in front of everyone and remind them of their wedding day.

There are plenty of games available for couples, adults, as well as for children. Include games which involve everyone and one game especially for couple and different prizes are involved. Music can be sweet and romantic where couples can dance in pairs also music for others should also involve so they can also enjoy too.

You can order cake which includes wedding couple photo on it and this can be another surprise for them. You can also make movie on their 10 years married life journeys which can be one of the best surprise for them. This can give them a chance to recall there 10 years of married life in 5 min which can be totally unforgettable.

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