The Tradition of Wedding Scrolls

Wedding invitations comes in various forms and designs. These invitations are an important part of wedding ceremony as they give guests an idea about the arrangements of marriage. Among the different kinds of wedding invitations scroll invitations are very common these days. The origin of these scroll cards is very ancient. It was primarily used by kings and emperors, to send invitations to their guests for marriages or for important gatherings. This card was considered as a grand invitation. Since then, using these cards in marriages became a symbol of elegance and richness.

Wedding Scrolls

Wedding Scrolls


Wedding scrolls are available in different colors, designs and materials. You can select any card depending on your budget. Online shops such as offer a large variety in these cards. For people having high budget, there are scroll cards with wooden bars linked with chains. Generally high quality paper is used with off white coloring, to give rustic look. Latest trend in the paper is in the form of papyrus like reed paper which gives finest prints. A variety of calligraphic fonts and styles is applied in gold, blue, red or bold coloring. In short, a scroll wedding card should look attractive to the holder and should be able to express the pride of the families.


In order to protect the paper, these wedding invitations have tubular covering. This covering can be made up of wood, cardboard, cloths which are beautifully decorated. These tubes are also given unique, artistic designs to make them fascinating. One can also customize these cards for omen symbols and holy texts as per the customs and rituals of a particular religion like Sikh generally use poems. Muslims use Urdu or Arabic designs with blessings and prayers in Urdu only, Hindus like to have swastika sign on the cover and omens like coconut or moth embossed on the cards.


These beautiful and stylish cards are available on different wedding cards shops. Online shopping is a better option. Online shops offer you facility to browse through the catalogue sitting back comfortably in your chair and placing the order of the picked design. This saves your time and money. You can also find some very famous and reliable online shops for such buying like Here, you will get all possible varieties in affordable prices. So, why to look for other options if you have such a good option available to you?

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