Things To Remember While Designing Scroll Invitations

Scroll Invitations

Scroll Invitations

There are many styles in which invitation cards are made these days, one of them are scroll invitations. This is very old form of wedding card and has been basically a derived form of farmaan sent in ancient times where kings used to send the messages in scroll.

These are used today also in the form of cards. This gives a royal look to the invitation card and is impressive too. But there are many things one should be aware of while selecting and sending the scroll invitations for designing.

1) Less space on the cover page – The cover page or envelope of these cards are too small, so there is difficulty in mentioning the RSVP details properly which creates problem for the guest in reading, so proper care should be taken on this part. Thus the scroll card should have the complete information on it and only RSVP details as well as the name of the bride and the groom besides the date, day and venue of wedding should be mentioned on the envelopes.

2) Quality of Material & Color – The quality of cloth used should be as per standards as a low quality cloth will damage the look of these cards and even the words become blur. The color used in these cards should not be too bright and bold. The simpler they are the more beautiful they look. One color in contrast with the base color will do. More colors will make it confusing and messed up. These days handmade paper based scrolls are also in vogue and these not only look amazing but are also appealing.

3) Proper shape and size – Proper care should be taken in deciding the shape and size as the card should not be too long or short and on the other end it should have proper width. Designer scroll invitations on the other hand can take different shapes and sizes and accordingly the wedding card wording on them should be arranged.

4) Less Space – Since these invitation cards are of one single page the space for matter on these cards is very less. One should always keep this thing in mind that before sending the invitation proper proofreading by the concerned should be made and all errors are corrected. Also it is seen that the information regarding the wedding events, day date and time are clearly mentioned and are in a proper font size that is readable.

These cards are very stylish and create a royal impression but proper care should be taken in designing these cards as a small mistake can ruin everything.

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