Top 3 Tips for Indian & Bride Groom To Select Photograph for Wedding Invitation Card

The photo invitation card is the latest trend that has caught the fascination of would-be Indian bride & groom. Many of you would be thinking what is a photo invitation card? Well, it is a card that has the photograph of bride and groom on the invite. It is the latest trend that is hugely popular with modern couples. The guests also love the card as they get the glimpse of the bride & groom. Here, we are going to reveal top tips to select the right photograph for the customized wedding invitation cards.

1.  Go for Exclusive Photo Shoot:

If you want a picture perfect photograph on the invite then go for an exclusive photo shoot. Hire a professional wedding photographer for the job. Of course, you and your would be need to be dressed in   wedding trousseau. Choose an exotic location, a heritage hotel or a location that blends with your wedding theme. Ask the photographer to click at least 8 to 10 different pictures. You can choose the best one for your wedding invitation card.

Wedding invitation Cards

2.  Photographs from Engagement:

If your parents have a conservative thinking then they might not agree for an exclusive photo shoot for wedding invite. Here photograph from engagement comes up as the easiest way to get the right picture for your big day. You can choose the photograph you like from the engagement album.  If you have particular pose in mind then you can tell the photographer. It is always good to inform the photographer that you have to select the photo for invite from the engagement picture collection. He may take few clicks keeping in mind the photo invites.

3.  Photoshop:

Well some of you would be like Hey, did I read it right? Yes, if you are in long distant relation and could not come together for exclusive photo invite shoot or you are directly getting into wedlock without an engagement then getting the photo together wouldn’t be possible. Here, Photoshop comes up as a savior. Talk to your would-be-bride and decide the kind of apparel that you would both wear. It is important that the color and style should complement each other, once it is decided you can go for a separate photo shoot. Once you get the picture send it a Photoshop editor. He will create the magic by bringing together both the picture on the same frame on some exotic background.

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Vital Tips:

• Choose a card that is just right for photo invite. Remember every card is not meant for photo invite.
• Choose the photograph that matches with your wedding theme.
• Don’t forget to take opinion of your would-be-bride on the selection of unique wedding invite, as wedding is about both of you.
• Select a twofold invitation card.
• Decide where you would like to have the photograph, on top of the invite or inside.
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