Top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married

You must have seen numerous times on television bride & groom hanging from skyscrapers and taking vows of wedding in mid sky. Taking marriage vows and exchanging wedding rings thousands of feet above from the ground makes it an enthralling experience. The cameraman and couples are seen hanging from the rope. You will see passers stopping by to watch the proceedings.

The couples who love thrill and excitement are seen constantly looking for something exciting. They are not happy in doing simple things, even for wedding they want something audacious. If you are one of those couple who love daring acts then here are four thrilling wedding theme ideas for you to get into wedlock.

1. Underwater Wedding:

Saying I do or reviving marriage vows deep under the water is an amazing experience. You will have special guests from marine world to witness the ceremony. There are numerous company that organize underwater trips. Contact them – they will make arrangements for tying up knot thousands of feet under the water. There would be an expert photographer and life coach accompanying you underneath. The photographer will ensure that every moment is clicked.  What makes it exhilarating is the fact that there would fishes, turtles and other creatures in various shapes and sizes to be part of the ceremony.  The marine flora and fauns further enhances the beauty of the place. The best thing is that you would be getting a water proof marriage certificate as a marvelous proof of this lifelong testimony.

2. Wedding at Aquarium:

In case you like water but don’t want to tie knot inside then you should go for a wedding at aquarium. Most of the aquariums have wonderful dining areas. While taking vows you will find that marine creatures are your guests. It will be wonderful scene in your wedding photographs when you will have a big shark directly looking into you in the background.

The invites needs to have the elegant touch of marine life. You can go for a customized scroll wedding invitation.

3. Water Raft Wedding:

If you like the rush & thrills of adventure sports then go for a water raft marriage. It redefines the concept of nuptial making it enlivening and exhilarating. The electrifying speed at which the raft moves, the sudden twists & turn sets the platform for a memorable wedding. You can put a stunning diamond ring in your bride’s finger while the guests cheer you up in other raft.

4. Tying the knot in mid sky:

As children most of us have been fascinated by birds, some of us have even intimated flying by spreading our hands like wings and running.  In case, you dreamed of flying then tying up knot know while sky diving is a wonderful idea. To make it a reality, contact a sky drive operator. They are the ones who will give wing to this unusual dream. It would be like giving a thrilling start to your new life. Get ready to take a leap with your beautiful bride from famous drop zones.  Don’t forget to share the first kiss in the sky.

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