Top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married

Have you seen couples hanging from a skyscraper and taking wedding vows in the mid air? The taking of wedding vows, and exchanging rings, thousands of feet above the ground. Hanging on a rope is an experience of life time for the couples as well as the guests, and cameraman. Even the by passers can be seen stopping for watching the proceeding with bated breath. Adventure loving couples are always on lookout for something truly adventurous and exiting. They are not happy in tying the knot in a traditional way. Here are 4 unique ways for daring couples to get into wedlock.

4 Underwater Wedding:

Underwater Wedding

Saying “I do” or revising your wedding vows thousands of feet under the water, surrounded by fishes and other amazing animals of marine world is a thrilling experience.  There are lots of trip organizing companies with tremendous experience and expertise to make your dream a reality. Their expert photographer will make sure that every moment is captured in frames. The couples will be accompanied by a life coach. In the exotic water wedding hall there would be fishes in all the shapes & sizes as guests. You will have the marine flora & fauna as witness while turtles sing the choir. You will also get water proof wedding certificate as a proof for this lifelong testimony.

3  Wedding at Aquarium:

Wedding at Aquarium

If you love water but don’t want to get married inside then tying the knot at a poplar aquarium surrounded by close friends and thousands of fishes and sea life is going to be wonderful experience. Most of these aquariums have dining area with world class hospitality service.  Make sure the wedding invitation cards have a touch of marine life. You can go for customized scroll invitation card.

2 Water Raft Wedding:

Water Raft Wedding

If you like the thrill & rush of adventure sports then you should go for water rafting for your wedding. It is surely going to redefine the concept of marriage by making it exhilarating and thrilling. The perfect place would be the water flowing from Himalayas at high velocity. The speed, the gust of water and sudden twist and turns will set the ambiance for a memorable wedding. You can put a beautiful wedding ring into your sweetheart’s hand while your close friends follow you cheering in other rafts.

1 Tying the knot in the mid sky:

Tying the knot in the mid sky

Most of us are fascinated by seeing birds fly in the sky and felt we could fly like that, some of us even spread over hands like wings and ran, imitating a flight.  If you have a childhood dream of flying and love adventure to the core of your heart then you can get married while sky diving. The sky dive operator will make your unusual wish true. There cannot be more magical start to your new life, taking a leap with your sweetheart from famous drop zones. The most amazing experience would be sharing the first kiss in the mid sky.

These top 4 Adventurous Ways to get married is going to an experience of lifetime.

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