Top 4 Tips to Arrange an Alice in Wonderland Theme Wedding

Sprinkle in some magic to your love life, by tying the knot in the most delightful fairytale ambiance. Organize an Alice in Wonderland theme marriage ceremony, and show the world your love for the best fable you had heard in your childhood days. Take your guests back the memory lane by conceptualizing a marriage that best depicts the style and elegance of Alice in Wonderland. The best part of organizing this theme is that it is perfect for summer-spring wedding. Arranging the wedding is easy, and looks simple with a royal and classy touch. You must be wondering that the arrangements might be expensive.

However, an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding is economical and can be customized to suit your requirement as per the budget. Read more to find out how –

1.   Wedding Invitation Cards:

With a neat pastel colored background that has a rustic finish to it, an Alice in Wonderland wedding invitation cards looks charming. Try incorporating multi-colored floral designs, either as a minimalistic border or as an overall background. Let the content written on the card be in the form of a fairytale. You can try designing scroll wedding invitations card that will give a perfect feel of the theme. You can also design the card with the fairytale characters in the background.

Scroll cards

2.   Wedding Dress:

Beautiful and traditional are the best words to describe an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding dress. If you wish to give a miss to the commonly used white color, then you can consider pastel shades of pink, cream, blue, or green. Make sure your hairstyle is simple. Let the long, straight tresses flow elegantly over your shoulders. Or else if you want to keep it comfortable, especially to suit the summer climate then tie a bun with lovely hair accessories to enhance its look. The groom can wear a formal suit, and pair it up with a hat.

3.  Wedding Venue Decorations:

The theme gives an opportunity to customize the wedding venue in a number of ways. Try to incorporate the various elements present in the fairytale, like the giant teacup and saucer, colorful door entrances, bridge prop, etc. Bring in the perfect forest look and ask your wedding hall decorator to design different characters of the fairytale, and place them randomly across the hall. It will certainly be a spectacle, not only to the guests, but the kids too. Arrange table mats printed with the different scenes of the fairytale.

Theme Wedding invitations

4.   Wedding cake:

A wedding cake is an essential part of a marriage ceremony. Ask your bakery chef to bake your favorite flavored cake in multiple-tier with toppings of the characters of the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. If you want to keep it simpler, then you can try the printed cake options too. Not only will it be economical, but will also be perfect for the theme.

Think of different ways to integrate the Alice in Wonderland theme in the best possible manner in your wedding arrangement. After all, you wedding is nothing less compared to a lovely fable.

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