Top 5 Budget Wedding Ideas 2016

The budget wedding is gaining popularity all across the globe these days. Couples tend to spend more on their honeymoon or their new house rather than arranging a big fat wedding.

Following are some ideas that will ensure you too can arrange for a budget wedding.

1.   Venue:

One of the most important elements of a wedding preparation, where the couple spends a lot of money is the wedding venue. However, one way of saving up some money on the site is by getting married on a weekday, rather than a weekend. Moreover, if it is a simple wedding, with lesser number of guests, then a backyard wedding venue is an excellent idea.

2.   Food and Drinks:

Another significant aspect, as concerns spending on the wedding, is the food and drinks for the guests. To save up on some money, you can always serve heavy and filling appetizers to the guests so that less money is spent on the full-course meal. Moreover, it also ensures less food is wasted after the ceremony. You can also search for a place, which allows you to get your liquor. Thus buying alcohol from outside will save up on a lot of bucks.

wedding invitations

3.   Wedding Photographers:

Every couple wants this big day of their life clicked in the best possible means. However, hiring a professional photographer can turn out to be an expensive affair. Instead, you can hire a photographer, who has just started his/her business or someone who is really good at it, yet not professional.

4.   Wedding dress:

Couples tend to spend a lot on their wedding attire. However, one thing we must remember is that most of the times, we do not wear the wedding outfit even once after the ceremony. Hence, it is best suggested to either design a dress that can be worn a few times after marriage or create attire that is simple and in your estimated budget also.

5.   Wedding invitation:

Nowadays every card store offers exclusive collection of budget wedding invitation cards. They look elegant and stylish. Best part is that they are not expensive. They are specially designed for couples looking for cheap invitation card that also looks good. They are not costly because they don’t have expensive embellishments on them. The price of card goes up with cuts, designs and embellishments. You will easily get one that is within your budget. A wedding invitation scroll card can also be an innovative and inexpensive option.

scroll card

6.   Wedding return gifts:

Return gifts are an integral part of a wedding. However, if the invitees are large in number, then spending on return gifts can get taxing. However, you can hire someone who runs a gifting business at home to make it economical. You can also consider giving the guests a CD, which you can burn at home. If not, a bagful of candy or sweets can be easy on the pocket. Come up with a return gift idea that is easy to arrange and economical.

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