Top 5 Cool Tips to Organize a Fanatics Beach-Side Wedding

If you have a winter wedding, then the best destination to choose for a glamorous and scenic wedding backdrop would be a beach. Beach weddings are topping the chart when it comes to theme/destination weddings. After all, who does not love the infinite sea, and the extravagant landscape displayed in the form of the blue sky. Either opts for a lonely beach or go for the most famous ones, but be ready to get mesmerized by the cool breeze and the wet sand on your feet. What better than saying ‘I do’ amidst the best that nature can offer.

Wedding invitation cards

Wondering how to plan a beachside wedding? Then read more to find out –

1.   Wedding Venue:

The venue can be either a lonely beach or a beach resort. A beach resort might be the ideal place as you do not have worry about the service staff, and managing the food and other important preparations for the wedding. If you want to get adventurous, then you can hire wedding venue decorators and caterers to do the needful. Keep the place closer to your house. It will help in easy traveling for your family and guests.

2.   Wedding invitation card:

A beachside wedding theme invitation card is easy to design. You can customize it and make it look gorgeous by attaching shells on it. You can also insert a bracelet made using sea shells in the invitation card envelope and ask your guests to put it on the wedding day. Also, you can try a scroll wedding invitation card to offer a unique way to announce your wedding date.

Scroll Cards

3.   Wedding dress:

Say no to traditional sarees and Lehengas and get yourself a perfect beachside wedding gown. A flowy gown or a sundress with floral designs on it will be perfect attire for a beachside wedding. Let the colors be fresh and bright, and try incorporating multiple colours on the fabric. Keep it simple yet attractive and appealing. The groom can be dressed in cotton shirts and pants that are specially designed for the occasion.

4.   Accessories:

The best accessories to suit the wedding are headbands, bracelets, necklaces etc that are either made using artificial flowers or sea shells. Flip flops or flat sandals that are comfortable to walk on the beach can be perfect footwear. You can ask your guests to dress up in casual yet classy beach dresses. Mention the color code in the invitation card with pastel shades as the preference.

5.  Return gifts:

Gift your guests and beloved family members with the best memories for the wedding. A showpiece or a wall hanging made using sea shells or artificial flowers might be liked by all. If not, you can also gift photo frames accessorized with sea shells and including photos of the guests at the wedding. This will be a lifelong memory of the wedding for your guests.

The mantra to organize the beach side wedding will be to keep it light, simple, and making sure nature plays the best part in your wedding venue.

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