Top 5 Ideas to Plan a Horse Themed Wedding

If you always have been captivated by horses, you might like the idea of incorporating horse as a major wedding theme. This is one of the best ways of making your wedding unique. It will also create a wow factor into your overall wedding, and nothing can be better than this. You might want a relaxed atmosphere spending good time with your friends and loved ones. You can complete the entire wedding in a big farmhouse, which will give a charming ambience to your wedding. Nothing can be better than this.

Getting Started With The Preparation:

There are several ways by means of which you can get started with the entire preparation. The internet will give you plenty of ideas and inspirations to arrange and organize the theme. Here are some of the great ways by means of which you can get started-

1. Venue:

Once you have made up your mind to go for the horse theme, you can book a venue accordingly. A farm house is a great venue idea to get into this theme. However, if you don’t get a farmhouse, you can select an outdoor venue, which will speak a lot about the theme.

2. Wedding décor ideas:

If you want to decorate your wedding venue, it is a great idea to create a natural look. You can make a farm setting for a beautiful appeal and look. The rustic and elegant feel can be expressed in a great way with rusticity and elegant. Creating stone walls around the house and bringing different pops of colors with vintage elements scattered all around. You can make use of a wooden gate as the entrance. Set up a tent separating cocktail space with the dinner space. You can get some horses around to bring liveliness to the entire theme.

Horse Themed Wedding

3. Wedding Invite:

Go for scroll invitations card with photograph of groom riding a decorated horse. If you want to give it at twist you can have a picture of both you and your beautiful bride on the horse back. Visit online wedding invitation card store to get fully customized wedding invitation cards. You can even order sample wedding invites.

Scroll Cards

4. Wedding photos:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding photo shots in this theme. You can get horses of your choice and talk to the photographer in advance regarding the exact way you want different wedding photo poses. This will help you utilize the theme in some of the most amazing ways.

5. Wedding cake:

Using miniature horses as cake toppers or getting the entire cake in the shape of a horse is an excellent idea for your wedding cake. Apart from that, you can even use the idea of a farmland with many horses in the farm. This is a great way to reflect the overall theme, and you will love the entire idea of it.

Wedding Cake


Horse shaped key chains in personalized gift boxes are great gift ideas for your guests at the party. They will love horse shaped candies, as well.

Therefore, do not miss out this opportunity of planning a horse themed wedding. Getting into a horse themed wedding is certainly one of a lifetime experience. Therefore, get started with the planning at the earliest. It will be one of the major highlights of your life, and even your guests will remember it for years to come.



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