Top 5 Reasons to Have Beautiful Wedding Ice Sculptures in Wedding Décor

Ice sculptures are the latest rage, they simply look stunning. If you have not included them in your wedding decor then give it a thought. Here, we are going to give some fabulous reasons to include them in your wedding décor.

1.  Generate Curiosity:

The beauty of ice sculpture is simply mesmerizing. It generates enough curiosity; you will see your guests turning their head to take a second look or standing near it to take a snap and share it on social media. It would be one of the talking points of the evening. Generally, people would love to know how these magnificent figurines were crafted out of ice or how the temperature around them is maintained so it doesn’t melt. Believe us, it will take your wedding decor to a whole new level.

2.  Make Stunning Centerpieces:

They make excellent centerpieces. It would be a wonderful idea to have mini ice sculpture on every table. To make it look more fascinating you can have them made from colored ice. If yours is a theme wedding then you can have figurines that blend with your theme, for instance, you have chosen valentine theme then you can have ice, love birds, couples, rose, swan theme figurines. It would be the brilliant idea to have the picture that you have on your unique fabric scroll wedding invitations in figurine shape placed in the center of the venue. It will instantly remind people of your wedding invitation card.

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3.  Get them clicked with ice sculpture:

Arrange for a photographer to click pictures of guests who seem to be smitten by the beauty of the ice figurines. It would be a perfect wedding favor for them. The only thing you need to make sure is that the sculptures are well hardened in the freezer. It will ensure that they easily last the length of your wedding ceremony.

4.  Quite affordable:

Ice sculptures are not that common, so people have the perception it is very expensive that is the reason people shy away from including them in wedding décor. For most of them, it is a symbol of luxurious décor but if you search you will find that these stunning pieces are very affordable. You can include them even if yours is a budget wedding.

5.  Last longer than you think:

There are lot couples who simply love the idea of having ice sculpture but step back thinking that they will melt away in two to three hours. Moreover, the wet floor left behind will create a mess. Well, most of you would be surprised to know that ice sculpture easily last 7 to 8 hours and most wedding ceremony doesn’t last such long. The probability of them melting faster is in the case of the outdoor wedding but now wedding planners put cool blowers to make sure that your ice doesn’t melt fast. Further, they put drip trays and make drainage system so there is not a bit of water in the area.



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