Top 5 Unusual Wedding Theme Ideas

Bid adieu to regular cake-cutting ring-exchange and wedding ceremonies. Unless you have absolutely no clue what a wedding event looks like, it is always safe to go with traditional wedding ideas. But hey! If you are not ready to dwell in the old world wedding ideas, here are 5 absolutely unusual and Over the Top wedding themes that will mesmerize every guest and viewer.

1.  Royal Vibe Pool Luxury Wedding:

Create an aura of luxury around your wedding event built on a pool. Let the guests choose from an assortment of lounge wedding and reception pool themes. Send latest scroll invitations in placard and royalty message leaflets. Arrange for lavish couches and chairs with many pillows and bolsters to tuck into the wedding scene. Create the flair of romance with pink and red chiffon curtains. Use a combination of White-black bone china cutlery and stainless steel items. Avoid glasses as they tend to reflect light and create distraction.

Scroll Cards

2.  Hot Air Balloon Wedding:

Love heights and panoramic view? How about exchanging wedding vows on a hot air balloon. Shuttle guests along with you from the ceremony to the reception using the seriously amazing balloon ride. You can use customized wedding scroll invitations to ask guests how they wish to get transported to the venue. From music to the theme picture on the balloons, customize everything based on your choices.

Live a dream 5000 feet above ground on the most special day of your lives.

3.  Air Strip wedding:

Hard to pull, especially if you are bad with your network. Airstrip wedding could give you a surreal feeling of achievement. With planes flying past you every minute, Airstrip wedding idea is a picturesque prospect. You can pick an abandoned military base for the wedding. The wedding invitation scroll could be the World War I-styled Mission engagement cards or Cold War era secret code scripts. Nonetheless, airstrip wedding is definitely an unusual prospect.

4.  Midnight Cruise Wedding:

Most weddings happen in board daylight. It is obviously easier to manage. But if love is blind, why not explore the idea of exchanging vows at midnight. Where? What better than a cruise in the middle of a calm ocean. Wedding invitation scrolls for a cruise wedding could be bottled messages like SOS. Ideal for limited number of guests, this is unusual wedding idea considering it can take 3-4 days of elaborate ceremony.

Midnight Cruise Wedding

5.  Circus wedding:

Clowns, histrionics, pyro techniques and lot of colourful costumes.  A circus-themed wedding is an exaggerated way to usher a beautiful moment in life. Wedding invitation scrolls online give you the option to not only select the card layout but also pick the material and the colour theme. You can send personalized invites to friends and guests in the form of circus tickets, admission stubs, Joker boxes and surprise cards.

Other unusual wedding ideas include Underwater vow ceremony, Desert wedding, Rainforest wedding, school uniform wedding and fire site wedding. Taking into account the safety and comfort of the guests and the family members, unusual wedding ideas are a fun affair.

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