Top 6 Tips To Plan a Gracious Casual Themed Wedding

As far as, the latest trends in wedding themes are concerned, tying knots in a casual theme has become popular. Couples are choosing a laidback approach with a sober and elegant essence to it. In fact, casual wedding theme is beautiful because it allows carefree aesthetics along with the chance to express personality in the best way. Therefore, many brides and grooms are discovering the real joy of casual elegance in a wedding. If you want to follow a similar theme, you can easily get started with it.

1.  Planning For A Casual Wedding:

Do not forget that when you are opting for a casual themed wedding, it means simplicity in terms of ambience and arrangements. This in turn will create a sophisticated and sober element, and you will have to sacrifice many dramatic elements. If you are ready for it, here is how you can get started with it.

2.  The invitations:

Wedding invitations card certainly occupy the primary position in any wedding. The look and language of your unique wedding invites will talk about the degree of formality. This in turn will also reflect the mood of the celebration. Going for customized scroll wedding invitations card is a straightforward approach. You can use handmade papers with detailed surfaces and ribbons and some imageries for casual weddings.

color scroll invitations

3.  The attire:

The bride has the flexibility to wear any casual dress. It can range from a streamlined sheath with columnar and crisp lines to strapless sundress with a straw hat. It can even be a retro pantsuit. Revamping a vintage gown can also be a good idea. The groom can be in tan trousers and navy blazers accessorized by a belt and bow tie. It is not necessary to go for matching.

4.  The venue:

Choose a location that is relaxing and comfortable for both you and your guests. You can stretch your legs and relax in leisure forgetting any party mood. Selecting a meadow or a ranch in desert, a clearing in a forest or a tent in a beach are ideal venues for your casual themed wedding.

5.  The décor:

As far as, the decoration is concerned, you need not make any aspect of the décor look extra styled. On the contrary, the venue should look decorated spontaneously. Go for heirloom laced tablecloths, plaids and toile. Some of the common flowers that you can include in the decoration are gerbera, daisies, wildflowers and sunflowers. You can display them in eclectic containers. Keep the lighting natural in the form of clean and white candles or Ristic metallic lanterns.

Casual Themed Wedding

6.  The treats:

Let the guests enjoy a gourmet feast. Dining at long tables and eating oak smoked meats and grilled vegetables can be a good idea. Your guests can eat with hands in stoneware plates. You can consider the option of raspberries, olives and cheese. Bread served in sweet butter and some homemade jams can also be an excellent option. As drinks, you can serve ice water, lemonades or sangria in pitchers. Wines from the local vineyards can even go great.

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