Top 7 Tips to Organize Wedding in the Woods

Would you like to exchange your wedding vows in the midst of nature, with Mother Earth blessing you from all directions? If yes, then you can plan a wedding in the woods. It offers an eternally romantic ambiance; you would require less artificial decorations since the natural beauty of the forests would do the much needed to provide a classic wedding ambiance. All that you need to arrange a marriage in the wood will be a catering and seating arrangements. We bring to you a few easy-to-implement tips that will help you in organizing a wedding in the woods.

1.   Wedding invitation cards:  A rustic themed wedding Scroll cards would be the right choice for the marriage theme. A lovely dense forest background with calligraphic fonts written in white or golden color would look attractive. You can try printing a scroll wedding invitations card for the theme.

Scroll Cards

2.  Wedding venue:  Bring in the best of nature while finalizing a wedding venue. You can try a forest area near your house. A place that is surrounded by tall and dense trees will give you a perfect backdrop. Make sure you finalize an area that is open and is large enough for guests.

3.  Wedding decorations:  Since, nature will be at its best show you would have to include a lot of decorations. A little bit of props here and there can do the necessary enhancement to the ambiance. Make sure the seating arrangement is cozy and plenty enough to accommodate all the guests. You can consider placing eclectic chairs, vintage couches, etc.

4.  Other decorations:  You can have lovely, colorful floral strings hanging from the tree branches. If it is a late evening or night wedding, then you can have lights strategically placed on the trees that will create a charming impression. You can also consider lighting lanterns to give the place perfect forests feel.

Royal weddings

5.  Music:  Silent and soothing music would suit the ambiance. Try getting forest themed songs that will also have calm animal and bird sounds. Do not hire a DJ, who would play a loud pop or rock music. Melodious tunes and jazz music can also be a good choice.

6. Wedding rings:  Say ‘I do’ by exchanging nature inspired wedding finger rings. The rings can have a classic leaf imprinted on it. The initials of the bride and groom’s name can be embossed on it. You can also try a wood finish engagement ring that will have a rustic appearance.

7.  Wedding cake:  A rustic look three-tier cake with a brown texture will be the ideal choice for the wedding theme. Fondant toppings of leaves flowing across the tiers will make the cake look elegant and charming. You can also arrange for cup cakes with log shaped fondant toppings on it.

Wedding in the woods is a unique and attractive concept. It is affordable, and is easy to organize too.

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