5 essentials traditional Indian Royal Wedding

The royal theme wedding lately has caught the fascination of rich & famous. The Bollywood celebrities, business bigwigs and non resident Indians seemed to be completely smitten by the grandeur and opulence of royal wedding. Even the Hollywood celebrities are not far behind. In the recent years, there are numerous celebrities who visited India to get into nuptials this way.

Although every wedding is unique but getting into wedlock like kings & and queens is magical experience. Most of us have heard the stories of royals and their rich lifestyle. The homes they lived in known as forts and palaces, still tell the saga of that time. The dignitaries invited for such weddings were only blue blooded people. So, you can imagine how grand it is.

Royal Invitations

Unlike the olden times, today you can with smart planning easily have a grand wedding like this. There are wedding planners who can help you out with every element of royal Indian wedding. Let us take a look at the 5 essentials of traditional Indian royal wedding.

1-     Wedding invitation:

First comes the wedding invitation card for this regal event. The kings & emperors used beautiful scroll invitation cards for inviting the royal dignitaries. It gave glimpse of the grand upcoming event. You also need to opt for this card. Now you must be thinking from where I can get them? The answer is online Indian wedding card invitation stores. Most of these online shops offer exclusive collection of these cards. They offer them in array of colors from auspicious red to royal blue in attractive casing. The most important thing is that they are within affordable range.

2 – Venue:

The right venue of course is going to be historic palace or fort. A number of these have been turned into luxury heritage hotel. Most of them provide wedding package. Once you opt for it then you don’t need to worry about anything.   If you find them costly then there is second option also, that are hotels and firm houses built like palaces. A lot of these are two and three star hotel, so it is going to be within your budget.

3 – Ambiance:


Use innovative ideas to create a magical majestic ambiance.  Flowers are must. Use roses in various shades for decorating the stage. You can also combine flowers like Tulip, Lilies and lotus. When the guests enter the venue shower Rose petals on them.

4 – Wedding favors:

If budget is not constrain then it would be great if you can give gold coins with your wedding date embossed on it. The second option is going for Silver coins. Both these gifts are unique and your guests will surely treasure it.

5 – Transportation:

The vintage cars are perfect means for ferrying guest to and forth the venue. In ancient times the regal used elephants, so you also enter the venue along with the guests enter on decorated elephants. If the wedding is taking place in Rajasthan then go for camels. The camel ride is unique experience.

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