Unique Bar Mitzvah Invitations and Invitation Ideas

In the planning of the Bar Mitzvah celebration, invitation cards play a very vital role. These cards make the first impression on your guests who will be coming to your ceremony. With this they get an idea about the theme of the party, your persona and style. Moreover invitation cards should be informative enough to give them every requisite detail about date, venue, accommodation etc.

The messages on the invitation cards can be of different types conveying the right mood of the party. It would be nice if you select messages according to your party in some unique style. Different types of messages can be-

  • Sophisticated– These messages are for the classy Bat and Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. In such messages, a touch of tradition along with elegance and style is created by using soft colors. The script style font is used. Sober style with minimum images and designing is the characteristic of these invitations. These types of invitation messages reflect your maturity and class.
  • Joyful– These are for informal Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. In these, a lot of colors with attractive fonts and funny images are used. You can keep your invitation message according to your party theme. The message should be brief and catchy.
  • Modern– These kinds of messages shows that you are fashionable and modern. Trendy colors with different and unique designs show your sense of style and elegance. For example-chocolate and lime green make a fantastic pair, orange and pink are mainly used in Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Clean and simple graphics should be used.
  • Unique– Unique invitation cards are the best option if you want to be exclusive.  You can find unique cards in different shapes and sizes in the market. In them you can further use your creativity to make them out of the league. As it is a lifetime event and if you want it to be different from others, then unique invitation cards are the thing.
  • Classic-These cards should be chosen very wisely as it is associated with the Jewish feelings. Blue and white are the classic colors which are toned down for creating simple images. Familiar graphics for ex. Star of David etc. can be used. Classic designs suitable for your Bar Mitzvah celebration should be used.
  • Traditional cum Modern– This includes a blend of classic messages and modern style. It would be a good idea to incorporate a classic design and adorn it with a modern outlook. This is the most preferred choice nowadays and is appreciated by the guests also. Some of the examples can be a tree of life invitation or a scroll.

It may take some time to choose cards from above unique invitation ideas but once used we are sure everybody is going to love them. But do not forget the theme, your guests and your Bar and Bat Mitzvah while deciding the right kind of message. Use your own innovative thinking to put your own style and personality in invitations.

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