Ways To Word Anniversary Invitations

Anniversary Invitation Cards

Anniversary Invitation Cards

Are you facing problems on how to word your anniversary invitations? Just remember one thing, whether its wording your invitations or planning anything else, list down the necessary points and then start from the very easy steps to the most difficult ones. But also remember that the most important information comes first.

The best thing to do while wording your anniversary invitations is to add a personal touch. Most them concentrate more on the design of anniversary invitations and go with the same wording which is readily printed on it. But to be unique and creative with your invitations try and create your own wordings which can connect to the invitees.

Let’s look at some of the suggestions that will assist you in making customized invitations:

1. The most important yet the easiest thing to do is to include all the mandatory information without which any invitation card is incomplete. Mention who (the name of the couple whose anniversary is being celebrated), what (how many years of marriage), when (the date and time), where (name and address of the location). Also include the RSVP information. You can also use a separate card for RSVP information.

2. Secondly, include information depending upon the style of your event, like if it’s more of a formal event then start your words in a more conventional tone and if it’s a casual event then fearlessly make use of words.

3. Then it is also very important to mention that who is hosting the event. You can simple use words like “HOSTED BY:” and then below write the name of the hosts. There are times when the couple themselves plan the celebration and sometimes their children or the loved ones plan out the party.

4. If you are planning to have a theme party then it is necessary to convey them the exact theme by mentioning by the color and the type of dress the guests are supposed to wear.

5. You can use beautiful quotations or saying and versus from the scripture which will be like icing on the cake. You may find these quotations on love and marriage online or pick up a verse from bible. If you are good in playing with words then you yourself can make a sweet poem or song having rhyming words.

6. If you are stuck up somewhere and after a lot of brainstorming also, if you don’t get exact words that you are seeking, then simply refer other invitation cards and pick up some text from it and combine it with your own words. And you will see that you have created something unique.

7. Along with nice wordings, you can accessorize your anniversary invitation with a nice couple photograph. You can use any photograph like the one at the time of the wedding or any recent photograph.

The above tips will definitely help you to overcome the problem of loss of words and garnish your anniversary invitation cards with lavish and flowery words that make your anniversary invitations exclusive.

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