Wedding invitation envelopes – choose the right one for the right wedding card

The majority of people give emphasis on getting the fascinating design of the wedding invites but they don’t bother to lay the equal emphasis on getting the right envelop and ensuring that whether it will offer sufficient protection to the wedding card or not. Someone has explained the significance of an envelope in a beautiful manner, ‘I don’t want the words to be naked, the way they are in faxes or in the computer. I want them to be covered by an envelope that you have to rip open in order to get at. I want there to be a waiting time -a pause between the writing and the reading’. It is true that wedding invitation bears the first glimpse of the wedding event but more than that, it is an envelope that bears the first glimpse of the marriage invitation card. If it is scroll invitations, the envelope should be much more attractive as these is a royal invite inside it.

Taking a call about the design, paper quality and seal of the envelope is certainly a perplexing one, but apart from that, assembling the wedding invitation envelops is also quite time-consuming. However, there are some extremely valuable tips through which one can save considerable amount of time and energy in selecting the various aspects about the envelope and while performing the task of assembling the same.

Wedding Envelope

Outer envelope: This is an aspect which actually offers a first glimpse to the invited guests. This is that piece that bears the stamp, address of the guest and return address. For the majority of the people, an outer envelope is nothing but an instrument of adding a protective layer to the inner envelope and wedding invitation. That’s where they mistake as this instrument can really add-on additional appeal to the wedding invitation card since there is ample of scope for offering a truly remarkable presentable look to the entire wedding invitation. There are various ways through which an outer envelope may be adorned. Those ways include:

  • Using a seal that features a motif reflecting the theme
  •  Using customized seals bearing the initials of the bride and the groom
  •  Using envelops made of handmade paper, etc.

Now comes slightly more difficult part where an outer covering need to be stamped. Requesting the post office officials to hand stamped the envelopes instead of using postage machine, can actually make a lot of difference in the aesthetic appeal of an outer covering. Another benefit of hand stamping is that the outer covering is protected from the blotches of a machine postmark. Another great idea is to avail the expertise of a professional calligrapher, in order to create a lasting impression. There are also available online wedding printers that offer printing services related to the writing addresses for a fee. Using removable strip for closing envelop instead of using glue, is a great idea to save on time.

Inner envelope: This envelope contains scroll invitations and add-ons like RSVP cards, map card, etc. This doesn’t bear the seal. The prevailing trend regarding this kind of covering is, to use a pocket-fold style that is akin to the folder. Alike the outer envelope, the inner envelope must also be attractive as the card.

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