Wedding Invitation – Adding To Splendor of Indian Weddings

The invites are integral part of wedding ceremony. It is used for cordially inviting guests to be part of the happy occasion and shower their blessing and well wishes on the bride & groom. In Indian community, the invites are of great importance. The host generally goes and hands over the card personally to the guests. It contains complete information about every colorful event related to wedding in detail.

Wedding ceremony Invitations

Selection of the invite is an integral part of wedding preparation. It is believed that the choice of cards depicts the status of the family. It also gives a slight glance to the grandeur of upcoming event. Here are some wonderful tips to help you in the selection of invite for once in a life time occasion.


Set up the budget before you commence with planning and other related process. Once you have decided on the funds then allocate it intelligently like how much you are going spent on venue, decoration and invitation card. If the budget is bit tight then it would be intelligent to opt for a budget invitation card. They look fabulous the main difference between them and expensive card is that you will not get intricate patterns on them.

Design: Now it is the time to decode on the design. Here, you have two options in hand, one is to go for the traditional and the other is to go with a contemporary design. The traditional cards have an authentic Indian touch to it but with the changing time the modern patterns have caught the fascination of young generation. Both the designs have their own advantage.

  • The traditional invite comes in different patterns like the most common being a picture of betel leaf at the center of card and then there is picture of Lord Ganesha over it. The other popular design have picture of Ganesha, Baraat and Palki on it.
  • Generally the contemporary invites are made using fine quality handmade paper. It gives it a rich look. Apart from the regular shape they are available in semicircular shape. The most spectacular thing about these invites is that you can get them customized.  You can give it a unique look by having the photograph of bride & groom on the card.
  • Another kind of invite that is perfect for theme based wedding is scroll invites. They give a gracious royal touch to the event. Made from velvet and handmade papers with lot of embellishments these roll cards are a symbol of beauty and sophistication.

Where to buy?

Moving with time and technology is the mantra in the current age. Today is the age of online shopping, so visit online wedding invitation cards stores to choose any kind of card whether it is traditional, contemporary or a blend of both. The advantage of online card store is that you will come across huge variety of cards from every nook & corner of world. The prices are reasonably, customer service is remarkable, just order the cards and relax, it will be delivered at the place you want. You can even get add on matching items like envelopes, coin box, sweet boxes from the same place.

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