What Are Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitation Cards?

Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Bat & Bar Mitzvah invitation

Bat & Bar Mitzvah ceremony is grand occasion for Jewish.  The coming of age ceremony for Jewish boy and the girl is of immense significance, in Jewish community. The Bat & Bar Mitzvah after this ceremony is considered as grown-ups who have to follow the laws, ethics and religious path. Bar Mitzvah ritual is conducted for boys when they turn 13, and Bat Mitzvah for girls when they turn 12, these are respective age considered to be right from religious prospective. This marks a new beginning in parents’ life too; earlier the parents were held responsible for children’s deeds, but after this ceremony, the child would be responsible and answerable for their actions. The fact, that this sacred, religious ceremony takes place only once in the life increases its importance. In this big occasion, friends and relatives are invited in great number. Nowadays Bat & Bar Mitzvah Invitations are easily available in online invitation card stores. Reasonably priced, beautifully designed these traditional cards look very graceful.

Getting photograph printed of your son on Bar Mitzvah invitation and daughter on Bat Mitzvah Invitations will not only create a positive impression on the guest but will also make the kid very happy. To make it more creative, you can put many small photographs of the kid to represent their growing years. Apart from putting the child’s photograph, it will look great if you put religious symbol, or images of Star of David, Torah, Jewish stars, Yarmulke, in the center of the invitation card. It is customary to add blessing on mitzvah invitation cards. The blessings appear with the name of Bar and Bat Mitzvah along with parents name.

The online cards stores offer full customization, so you can resize the card according to content. This facility is not available if you are buying cards from local cars shops in your city. When you check online stores, it display information about the card such as what paper they have used whether it is handmade, glossy or recycled paper; dimension of the cards, decorative items used. All in all it displays complete information about the card.   The price of card very much depends on the material used for making it.
Buying bat mitzvah invitation card and bar mitzvah invitation card from online card store will save time that you can eventually utilize in making other arrangements. It will also help you to get a fabulous card that is very much within your budget. Check online card stores today for exciting variety of Mitzvah invitation cards.

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