What Is Fascinating About Wooden Scroll Invitations?

Have you ever received an invitation card for a wedding or any other occasion that left you so mesmerized and enchanted with its uniqueness that you wanted to preserve it as a keepsake or as a beautiful memory to be cherished forever? If it had sometimes happened with you, it must be something as royal and majestic as a scroll invites which, though belonging to the bygone era still hold the fascination in the modern times.

Scrolls, which were in earlier times also known as ‘farmaans’, were exchanged by the royal families to announce an event or send a message. These Wooden Scroll cards were traditionally sent to friends and family as invites and till date, their regal appearance steals the hearts of those who receive them. That is why sending invitations in the form of wooden scrolls has never lost its charm and attraction even in the times when modern values and customs have become the way of life with us. Somewhere, these beautiful invites could not fade out with time. They will be etched in the memories of your guests forever as the most unique and exclusive invitation they have ever received. Only the people with royal taste can understand the impact they leave on others through the rare ensemble of beauty and ingenuity at its best.

Wooden Scroll Invitations

We at Scroll Wedding Invitations know and understand how to create an everlasting impact through these immensely creative invites which remain unmatched and exceptional in every manner. Our most amazing variety offers superior quality at the most affordable prices. Our designers skilfully construct and design these wooden scrolls in the most alluring and winsome designs with the help of embellishments that are breathtakingly beautiful and no doubt, if the event is theme based these wooden scrolls are going to act as icing on the cake. We offer the variety that leaves no doubt in your mind that you have come to the right place. We feel happy if our customers want their own ideas to be materialized in the form of Customised Invites and our designers leave no stone unturned in bringing to life, the ideas conceived by you.

Our scrolls are available in the multitude of shapes and designs and can be given a contemporary or traditional look, as per our esteemed customers’ taste, choice and preference. Our constant endeavour is only to create magic with these royal scrolls that no other invites can do as no resurgence from the past is as beautiful as these spellbinding wooden scrolls.

Wooden Scroll cards

Scroll Wedding Invitations truly believes that perfection can be achieved through supreme efforts, which must reflect in the superior quality material and innovative ideas. Our traditional and contemporary designs are classy and sophisticated. We have been bringing trendy and innovative invites at your doorstep as we know that though old is gold but change is also welcomed by many. Our passion is the major driving force in motivating us. As a result, we have gained popularity and admiration from our customers all over the world.

Visit us and browse through our amazing collection of wooden scrolls and order your free sample today!!

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