Why Are Scroll Party Invitations Becoming A Popular Choice For Weddings?

Scroll invitations have regained their once prevalent status and it seems like their popularity is here to stay. The scroll style has been around from the time of kings, queens, and dynasties when announcements were written and read on elegant scroll-like fabrics. The messages that were relayed on them were called Farman. These were commonly exchanged between members of the royal family.

Today, scroll invitations are becoming the most sought-after invitation style for announcing upcoming weddings and parties. Ever wonder, what’s so special about scroll invitations that makes them an age-old favorite?

Classic Design:

Scroll invitations have a beautiful design that almost always receives a look of awe. These invitations come in a myriad of patterns, designs, colors, and motifs. In addition, scroll invitations can be customized. You may if you wish to add fringes or tassels to your invite or have the entire thing printed on the velvet-backed card. This all depends on your budget and the type of wedding you are planning.

Scroll invitations


Part of the charm in receiving a scroll invitation is its packaging. They are often placed in an attractive velvet string pouches or wooden covers and boxes. These have elaborate motifs and designs on them as well. Unlike regular wedding invitations, the receiver of the invite truly feels special upon receiving a scroll invitation. In this case, the packaging is as beautiful as the invite itself.


Scroll invitations are available in many style options. You may order them as a small scroll, high-end scroll, box scroll, traditional scroll, fabric scroll, contemporary scroll, wooden scroll, colored scroll, theme scroll, framed scroll, etc.

Scroll wedding invitations


One of the biggest benefits of using a scroll is that you don’t have to change the wording of your invite. It can be very simple or elaborate. The general details will be the same such as the names of the bride and groom, their respective parents, details of the venue, time of the ceremony, details about other wedding events, etc. You can adjust the font of your scroll invite to suit the occasion as well. Cursive fonts suit scroll invitations quite well.

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